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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lunch @ Eleonore's Restaurant at Chateau Yering

This is the last relaxed weekend before the working year begins at full throttle again and we've come for Eleonore's to spoil ourselves.

Eleonore's Restaurant© by Haalo
Eleonore's Restaurant Dining Room

While it's open everyday for dinner, it only opens for lunch on the weekends and both the a la carte and degustion menus are on offer. Once we heard this, it's obvious we'd go the degustation option.

The meal began with two appetisers, presented on a lovely black slate plate

Eleonore's Restaurant© by Haalo
 Holy Goat Cheese Fritters on Grape Jam

Eleonore's Restaurant© by Haalo
Crumbed Anchovy stuffed Olives
These large, green olives, possibly Cerignola were quite meaty and sweetly flavoured, a softening influence to the anchovy.

Next up, came the Amuse
Eleonore's Restaurant© by Haalo
Amuse - "Cheesecake" - Orange Mousse on Coffee Soil
Drink: 2005 Yarrabank Cuvee
This certainly accomplished its "mouth amusing" purpose - a refreshing orange zing from the mousse, contrasting coffee bitterness in the soil.

Eleonore's Restaurant© by Haalo
Vegetable Garden
Organic radishes, artichoke, truffle jelly spaghetti, potato coulant, nasturtium coulis, parmesan mousse
Drink: 2008 Yeringberg Chardonnay
The plate is like a work of art. The two cylinders on the left of the plate are filled with a divine truffled potato foam - the cylinders are made from deep fried tofu. Amongst the vegetables are spears of white and green asparagus, baby artichoke, various edible flowers and baby radish.

Eleonore's Restaurant© by Haalo
Steamed Southern Rock Lobster
Shaved Baby Abalone, Japanese Custard, Roasted Lobster Consomme, Curry emulsion
Drink: 2010 Bay of Fires Pinot Gris
The broth is poured at the table - at the bottom of the bowl is a layer of sliced rock lobster and by the look of it, it has been barely cooked. In the centre pile, a round of japanese custard ( chawan mushi) topped with fine slices of baby abalone - a few dots of curry emulsion are scattered on the lobster slices.

Eleonore's Restaurant© by Haalo
Char-grilled Baby Snapper
Nori Vinaigrette, Spanner crab maki roll, daikon spaghetti, avocado puree
Drink: 2008 Dominique Portet Sauvignon Blanc
The spanner crab maki roll is to the right of the snapper - zucchini ribbon replaces nori and it has been rolled around a generous amount of crabmeat. There's an interested texture to the snapper, more like it had been cured or slightly smoked before grilling. A julienne of daikon has been neatly rolled to form the "spaghetti" that sits under the fillet.
Eleonore's Restaurant© by Haalo
Confit of Suckling Pig
Roasted Jerusalem Artichoke, apple puree, red claw yabby, fennel pollen, elderberry glaze
Drink: 2008 Coldstream Hills Pinot Noir

Such a lovely dish it deserves two views.

Eleonore's Restaurant© by Haalo

The crackling was quite incredible - more like the toffee coating on an excellent brulee, easily sliced without shattering. As suckling pig is used the skin is thin and there isn't that much fat.
Eleonore's Restaurant© by Haalo
Roasted Grimaud Duck Breast
smoked banana puree, cavolo nero, Foie gras parcel, pumpkin pie, baby fig, Pedro Ximenez glaze
Drink: 2007 Les Petit Vignettes Pinot Noir
On the regular degustation this should be the venison dish but as we really liked the sound of the duck main we asked if we could swap and they more than happy to comply.

Eleonore's Restaurant© by Haalo

The square of pumpkin pie sits at the front of the plate, behind it the lovely and pink duck breast. Propped up by shredded cavolo nero it disects the Pedro glaze. Behind it is the foie gras parcel, which probably had a bit too much pastry wrapped around it. This isn't the first time we've seen smoked banana puree on the menu here, last time it was teamed with pork and here it works quite nicely with the duck.
Eleonore's Restaurant© by Haalo
Cheese Trolley
The cheese course is an optional extra but as soon as we remembered they actually have a cheese trolley here, we couldn't resist. There's a selection of 8 cheeses here and we're given a detailed run through of what they all are - we ended up selecting a washed rind, a blue from the US and a camembert.
Eleonore's Restaurant© by Haalo
Cheese Plate
And this is how it's presented - walnut bread on the side and on the plate, croutons, crackers, red grapes, and quince paste along with our selected cheese.

Eleonore's Restaurant© by Haalo
Fig Leaf Pannacotta with Honey Jelly, Persian Fairyfloss, Caramelised Pistachio crumbs
We both really loved the flavour of this pannacotta - amazing just how pure the fig flavour is from using the leaf.

Eleonore's Restaurant© by Haalo
Bircher Muesli
Yoghurt Sorbet, Apricot anglaise, toasted oats and muesli in truffle honey, apple poached in calvados
Drink: 2007 De Bortoli Noble One
A bit quirky but considering the meal we just enjoyed, it makes sense to end it on a lighter note - the sorbet is refreshing yet still creamy. It was fun and tasty and not overly sweet.

The final sweet note comes with coffee:
Petit Fours

We came here to spoil ourselves and we certainly achieved that - a beautiful room with fabulous food and wine to match - a perfect place where you can relax and unwind.

  The details:

  Eleonore's Restaurant at Chateau Yering
  42 Melba Highway

  Phone: +61 3 9237 3333
  Book Online

  Dinner - Every Evening from 6.30pm
  Lunch - Saturday and Sunday from 12pm

  Website: Eleonore's Restaurant
  Chateau Yering on Facebook


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