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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Cologne - Day 4

I’m really over all things Cologne and I can’t wait to get out of here.

At breakfast there’s only one other table there when I go down. Seems the swine are still sleeping, maybe I should go wake them up - but that would be rude of me. Lazy *@&@**!&!((*!(!%^%!&*.

The other table are from Australia - from what I gather it's daughter and husband with her mother and father.

The father wants to fix his bill since he's leaving straight away but wants to know if his daughter and her husband can leave their bags here. The clerk says that isn’t a problem, they don’t have to check out until 11 and he’ll be there all day until 8pm. 8pm is when they close the desk. The father tells him that they aren’t staying till 8 - their flight is at 5 so they’ll be long gone. I’m even confused, I don’t know what the poor clerk is thinking. Eventually he gets it across that leaving the bags is fine and the father toddles back to his table where he promptly tells his daughter she can check out at 11.30!

I've decided to have a lazy day today - I return to the Dom for a few more snaps and a stroll around the area.

This is what I'd meant by inappropriate developement. They just plopped the musuem within a few feet of the Dom. They didn't even bother to try to make it architecturally sympathetic.

I also tried to get a picture to put in perspective how large the Dom really is - if you look at the man walking in the foreground you should get an idea of how dominating a structure it really is
The next one is more front on of the main facade

At the dom shop you can get one of these
A genuine Pope Benedict XVI watch for €50

This photo was a little confusing - the WC sign isn't actually pointing to Dom, though by the evidence, the locals would disagree with me

These DB bikes are dotted all over the city - you call a number attached to the bike and instantly rent them - if you're that way inclined.
Just don't be as self-centered as this bike owner

The next photo just spoke to me...

I said it once and I'll say it again
Irish Pubs are everywhere!

I decide to have some swine for lunch - it's roasted pork and onions in a roll. Very tender meat and sweet onions - revenge in this case is best as a dish served hot.

These are a couple of shots of my bedroom - the hotel (and not the guests) was very nice, the room large and comfortable.

And these are taken at night from my room of the lane behind the hotel

So what are my thoughts of Cologne - umm, do you even have to ask?

If you'd like to see more photos from today, just click on the appropriate link
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