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Friday, September 09, 2005

QF31: Singapore to Heathrow (The Food)

The menu on this flight is slightly different.

Choice of:
Orange, Apple Juice, Passionfruit and Orange Energiser Drink*

Fruit salad with honey yoghurt*
Toast and Croissant*
Toasted Muesli

Choice of:
Breakfast sausages with potato cake, braised beans and sautéed mushrooms*
Baked Egg with leek, ham & gruyere, capsicum ragout and tomato relish

(*my picks)

The energiser drink is always a good option, in this one, the passionfruit was a subtle flavour in the background of this yoghurt thickened drink

Fruit salad consisted of chunky cut pieces of watermelon, pear and cantaloupe in a sweetened syrup.

The miniature Croissants were warm and buttery - small square wholemeal bread slices were offered as toast

2 index finger sized sausages sit atop what can only be described as baked beans, the potato cake is about 4 cm in diameter, 2 cm thick, the crisp outside surrounds the mashed innards. Quartered mushrooms dot the dish. The sausages, although showing no signs of having hit a pan, are quite juicy and tasty. The beans are cooked in a rich, thick deep red tomato based sauce, subtle use of rosemary adds to the enjoyment. Mushrooms are very more-ish, sautéd till golden .

available throughout the trip
Create your own toasted sandwich from the following:
focaccia or baguette with
roast chicken, smoked salmon, cream cheese, provolone, roast capsicum, semi-dried tomatoes, char grilled zucchini, aioli

fresh whole fruit
chocolate brownie biscuit
cheese and biscuits
chocolate bars

I order up a toasted focaccia with provolone and roast capsicums - what is served is two 5 cm squares of focaccia, filled with thick cut provolone and a generous portion of roasted red capsicum cheeks. Though the bread is quite hot, the cheese hasn’t fully melted, it’s still a satisfying snack.


Salad of BBQ duck, cucumber and egg noodles with black bean dressing

Main - Choice of
Roast Chicken with steamed vegetables, new potatoes and thyme jus*
Braised beef with bamboo shoots, black fungus and fragrant rice
Seared Sea Bass with polenta, eggplant, olives and gremolata

Green leaf salad with red wine vinaigrette

Dessert - Choice of
Selection of seasonal cheese and dried fruit
Apple and frangipane tart with mascarpone cream*
Sliced fresh fruit

Paton’s macadamia chocolate

The Entree
The duck was an unappealing brown in colour, but surprising tender (there was no visible fat left under the browned skin, but it had none of it's crunch left, it had the same consistency of the meat) - the dish consisted of three thick slices of duck, sitting under a deep brown course sludge - the sauce couldn’t be eaten alone, it was too harsh and bitter-tasting.
The salad was made from slivers of cucumber intermingled with short-cut extra fine noodles.

A choice of brown or white warm rolls are offered with the meal. The tray is also set with the green leaf salad - the dressing this time is not overly acidic

2 whites and 2 reds on offer - a chardonnay and sauvignon blanc; a shiraz and a cabernet sauvignon

The Main
I choose the chicken - the “steamed vegetables” were 2 inch long baby beans and one small broccoli floret - both were vibrant green and retained a little “crunch”; the baby potatoes were halved and served in their skin, they too seemed to have been steamed; “the chicken” was a portion of a breast, the skin was nicely browned and it arrived with the jus draped partially over it, however, it did have an odd texture, the meat was tender but it seemed to have been achieved by cooking under pressure or steam. It was an odd sensation. The sauce, in this case, worked well, it was delicate and complimented the offering.

I just couldn’t go past the tart and it was a most scrumptious choice. A dollop of cream sat beside the slice of tart; pastry was a crisp shortcrust, apples lightly caramelised as they sat upon the moist francipane mix; the mascarpone matched perfectly - lightly whipped and delicately sweet

The cheese plate looked like it had a thick square slice of cheddar (wax wrapped) and a disc of camembert.

Chocolate was served with a choice of tea, coffee. Liqueurs were offered separately.


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