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Friday, September 09, 2005

QF31: Singapore to Heathrow (The Flight)

Mr Hello sat next to me - hello, because that’s the one and only thing he said to me. Across the aisle, was a guy who couldn’t stop sneezing (Mr Sneezy) and next to him Mr Grumpy - the last person to board. Mr grumpy shouldn’t be grumpy - we should be grumpy at him for making as wait longer in this (living hell) sticky humidity than need be. Grrrrr.

Mr Hello soon becomes Mr Sleepy as he curls up to sleep as soon as we’ve levelled off, and I suddenly feel like Snow White with her 3 dwarves, sleepy, sneezy and grumpy.

Sleepy wakes up when breakfast is served and does manage to stay awake for most of the flight. It’s not a good flight for Sleepy as it appears his seat is the only one in which the laptop power outlet isn’t working. He carries on bravely, stopping only for lack of battery power.

Entertainment wise, I watch Mr&Mrs Smith and Madagascar. I also catch a documentary on the Ice Hotel, a Mr Bean episode and an episode of French and Sanders.

Madagascar - Wallace and Gromit have a lot to answer for in regard to the status of penguins. It’s a disney movie is the best way to describe it. At least they acknowledge that lions are meat eaters.

Mr & Mrs Smith - it’s like take away food, satisfies the hunger but there’s nothing nutritious about it and you end up regretting it. It wasn’t that bad, it wasn’t that good, it wasn’t that interesting either. You know where it’s going and you can take the opportunity to decide which of the product placements you’ll go out and buy.


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