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Thursday, September 08, 2005

QF9: Melbourne to Singapore (The Flight)

What can I say about the flight.

It was delayed, as seems to be part of the course with me - this time the captain tells us it's for "immigration issues". You're giving me that look again - I don't know that means.

I'm seated upstairs, on the aisle - beside me is Mr X, who has his wife sitting in the row in front of us, but on the other side of the aisle - you're looking at me that way again - hey, I don't know why they aren't sitting together either - maybe they both like the windows. Across the aisle is another couple - she's a bit, umm, different - I don't think she's a good flyer because she seems to have fits of crying. Then again, maybe she's just odd.

Unfortunately for us, the much heralded Q entertainment system isn't working - *sob* - so only movies are on offer. Our captain does tell us that it was working before they left melbourne, the technicians had given it the all clear - might I interject that this isn't what i really want to hear when i'm flying - what other things are broken that the technicians passed - now where are those emergency directions again.

The flight itself is fine but half way through the nutty women across the aisle decides to re-do her nail polish. I don't know about you guys, but the smell of nail polish is bad at the best of times. The sense of doing it in a contained space with a limited air supply is beyond my understand. Needless to say that its aroma stays in the poorly circulating air for a while. I unsuccessfully shoot daggers across at her - they might have worked if she ever turned her head.

With the limited functioning Q system, I do manage to get through a few movies - first up, Hitch-hickers - it's watchable but don't think too much. The sub-plot doesn't actually have any purpose - the resolution doesn't happen. It's almost like they were filming and suddenly found out they had 5 minutes left to end the movie - so they gave it the sequel ending.

The next movie was Sin City - that is violent - and even in its cartoony format, there are still things that i close my eyes for. Unfortunately, that doesn't stop the swishing sounds coming through loud and clear in the headphones. Cinematically, it's interesting.


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