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Friday, March 16, 2007

Event - Fenix

This is part of the 15th Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. An event hosted at Fenix called La Cucina Povera.

The event description was as follows:
This dinner draws on a cuisine born of necessity, seasoned with the salt of the earth. The flavours will be robust, the food shared and washed down by wines from some of the world's most famous peasant regions.


We began outside with a choice of Sicilian lager (Messina) or NV Kellybrook traditional apple Cider from the Yarra Valley.


The dinner itself was held in one of the private dining rooms rather than the main dining room. To get into the mood, two large tables had been set and the room lit by candlelight. Unfortunately that meant that the photos aren't going to be that great but you should get an idea of what we had.



It proved a simpler matter to photograph a plate with all the separate offerings than try to take a picture of each individual dish.

So what we had from top left - Prosciutto Parma, Roma tomatoes halves with basil and olives, Roasted red peppers, Cauliflower & Carrot Saffron Pickle, House made Terrine, Sautéed eggplant with raisins, Italian tuna, Sardines with Gomasio salt. One dish I didn't photograph due to already having a photo - scallops on the half shell with aioli and garlic breadcrumbs

Wines offered were 2005 Covallina Grecanico (Sicily, Italy) and 2005 Argiolas Sierra Lori (Cannonau Sardinia, Italy)

Second Course comprised of
Whole milk fed Lamb cooked in hay
Salmon & walnuts
Turnip and Pumpkin crumble and Pomme Boulangere

Wines offered were a 2004 Nicola Primitivo (Lecce, Italy) and 2004 Delas st espirit Cotes du Rhone (Rhone Valley, France)

The lamb was brought out to the dining room, complete with remnants of hay.


and there's Ray busy carving the lamb


The salmon must have been slow cooked, it had lost none of it's vibrant colour and was coated in a mix of yoghurt and roasted walnuts.


In the top corner there's a glimpse of the turnip and pumpkin crumble (wonderfully rich). The Pomme Boulangere was super crispy on the top and underneath lay a generous amount of caramelised onions.



Final course was Cheese:


a melting Brie, chunks of Quickes cheddar, Roquefort and Morbier served with 2003 El Coto Tempranillo (Rioja, Spain).

I suppose the only negative was that so few people actually turned up for this but I'm sure that the 15 that did were extremely happy to have experienced this wonderful event

The details:

Fenix can be found at
680 Victoria Street Richmond
(03) 9427 8500

Tuesday - Sunday for Lunch
Tuesday - Saturday for Dinner



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