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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Lunch @ Cucina Rossa

After the fun and games at Punt Road Winery we headed over to Bianchet Winery for a light lunch at their in house restaurant, Cucina Rossa.

The food is great and I love their wines but why oh why do they have such a pathetic website ? Do people think it's expensive or just don't understand the potential. I don't want this to be seen as I'm picking on Bianchet but really Australian companies are generally shocking when it comes to web presence. I would have thought that for people in the food industry a good web face would be vital. Anyway, enough of the ranting, let's get back to the food.

We opted to share the normal and vegetarian antipasto plates - funny considering we skipped the antipasto at Punt Road.


This is the normal version - pickled gherkins, chicken meatballs, oyster, spicy sausage (chorizo), chicken liver pate, terrine, prosciutto, pastrami, cheddar and bread and butter zucchini in the centre.



And this is the vegetarian - frittata slice, deep fried polenta, roasted red pepper, grilled mushrooms and zucchini, fried eggplant wedges and green olives.


With clotted cream on the dessert menu, Paalo just couldn't resist the bread and butter pudding with Yarra Valley clotted cream


and I opted for one (but they gave me two and after tasting it I was glad they did!) scoops of vanilla and mascarpone ice-cream (also from the Yarra Valley).

ice cream


The details

Cucina Rossa at Bianchet Winery
187 Victoria Rd, Lilydale
Tel: (03) 9739 1120

There's been a change of owners since this post was written so this type and style of food is no longer available. I would strongly recommend looking for a more recent report if you are considering visiting.


  1. we celebrated a birthday there last year and they do some brilliant winter comfort food. i had the venison in red wine with muscatels on a bed of polenta and it was brilliant!

    lovely review and great photos as always. must try the desserts next time!

  2. Thanks Truffle - we ate there last winter and totally agree that they have wonderful winter food. I almost skipped dessert but to keep Paalo company I decided to have the ice-cream, I'm so very glad I did. Oh and the clotted cream is utterly sinful.


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