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Friday, August 10, 2007

Dinner @ Fenix

Yes, it was rather a last minute thing but happily we did manage to get table tonight.

Smoked Tuna Broth, Oyster, Radish, Dandelion
To drink: Jones Road Chardonnay

A lovely way to start the evening.

salt cod
Blue Eye, celeriac, pistachio, nasturtium
To drink: Dr Loosen Kabinett

We have the salted blue eye cod on a celeriac and salt cod puree, with nasturtium puree and two types of smashed pistachio crumbs.

Canadian Scallops with leek terrine, leek puree, bacon crumble and hazelnut foam
To drink: Yering Station MVR (Marsanne, Viognier and Roussanne)

Large seared pieces of scallop sit on a deep green leak puree (made just with the green part of the leek - I am amazed by the depth of colour). There's a sprinkle of bacon crumble which are tiny pieces of ultra crisp bacon. The scallop on the far right sits atop a leek terrine that is made just from the white part of the leek.

hazelnut foam

The Hazelnut foam sits in a depression on the plate and carries an intense flavour of hazelnut.

Smoked Salmon with pine needles, Fennel and Pink Fir Potatoes, Apple Puree, Pine nut clay, pine nuts and black sesame seeds
To Drink: Eagle Vale Fumé Blanc

Gelatinously soft salmon, the type you dream of - smoked in-house, it's incredibly moist. It sits on a mix of black sesame seeds, pinenuts and what can best be described as pasty nuggets - these nuggets come in varying sizes and are formed from a mix of pinenuts and clay. Pink fir potatoes, baby fennel and baby onion sit to one side bathed in a light apple puree.

Lamb rump with Goat Cheese Puree, Jerusalem Artichokes, Sweet meats, olives and baby leek

The lamb has a deeply developed flavour and is nicely complimented by the accompaniments.

toast and marmalade
Burnt orange cream, confit cumquat, compressed macadamia

This dish is always enjoyed.

turkish delight
Eastern Promise

Chocolate mousse sandwiched with turkish delight jelly and topped with turkish delight bubbles and bathed in a rose water scented broth.

It's a new dessert for us and although I'm not biggest rosewater fan I actually really enjoyed this, I think the chocolate just combined in a way that really appealed to me.

petit fours
Beetroot and Passionfruit Jelly, Salt and Vinegar Chocolate Sticks, Cherry Popsicles, Sichuan Chocolate Truffles, Carrot Jelly

To end the night, petit fours - with a couple of new items to enjoy.

The details:

Fenix can be found at
680 Victoria Street Richmond
(03) 9427 8500

Tuesday - Saturday: Midday - Midnight
Sunday: Midday - Mid afternoon
Monday: Closed



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