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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Specialist Cheese Show 2007


It's that one day of the year Cheese Lovers can indulge in a feast of dairy. We've gathered up the troops in the form of Al and Elle and headed off to the Crown Casino.

For the last few years it's been held in the Palladium Room - it may seem a little empty at the moment but that changes very quickly. As part of the admission you are able to sample beers from Grand Ridge Brewery and Mt Langhi Ghiran wines - each ticket gives you 5 pours.


The photo above shows the Beer table and the Wine table is shown below.


Grand Ridge Beer

But I'm not really here to drink - so lets get on to the cheese.

Hunter Belle

Hunter Belle

Hunter Belle from the Upper Hunter Valley produce cheese made only from the milk of Brown Swiss cows - you might recognise the cheese on the right as the Hunter Belle Goldenbelle I featured last month. On the left is the Camembelle and in the Middle is Bluebelle (Bluebelle is made from the Camembelles) - both are pleasant and quite mild.


This is Hunter Belle Belleyere their first hard cheese made in a gruyere style. After 5 months maturation they are only now being released on the market.

Also on tasting:
Hunter Belle Fetabelle
Hunter Belle Marinated Fetabelle


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By Eleni

Are a family operation based in South Hobart that use traditional techniques to produce a preservative free yoghurt cheese.

yoghurt cheese

The range of Yoghurt Cheese in Olive oil comes in three varieties -
Chilli, Garlic and Rosemary
Oregano, Garlic and Peppercorns and
Lemon, Kaffir Lime leaves, cracked pepper and garlic.

yoghurt cheese

This is the Lemon, kaffir lime leaves, cracked pepper and garlic version - I really like that flavour of the kaffir lime through this.

Yoghurt cheese is probably one of the easiest cheese to make and you can find out how to do it here.

Apostles Whey Cheese

Are located 15 minutes from the world famous 12 Apostles here in Victoria.

Apostle Whey Grotto
This is the Apostle Whey Grotto, a washed rind cheese. It may well have had it's lid removed but the rind is certainly very edible - the interior is deliciously creamy and just look at its wonderful butter colour.

Misty Moonlight Head
Misty Moonlight Head (a blue) is offered in two ways - only one of which is for sale. A good bitey cheese according to Paalo.

Also on tasting:
Apostle Crumble - fresh cheese marinated in herbs and olive oil


Woodside Cheese Wrights

This was one of the more popular tables, Woodside Cheese Wrights are based in the Adelaide Hills and produce both goat and cow milk cheese.

Woodside Cheese Wrights McLaren Camembert

Woodside Cheese Wrights McLaren Camembert made from a mix of Friesian and Jersey milk - served on its side because it was extremely runny and perfectly ripe.

Woodside Cheese Wrights Edith's Cheese

Woodside Cheese Wrights Edith is a French styled goat cheese that is first rolled in ash and then left to mature and form a white mould covering.

Woodside Cheese Wrights Blue Tongue

Woodside Cheese Wrights Blue Tongue uses a variety of moulds and yeasts to produce a semi-soft blue cheese - it's extremely creamy that balances nicely with the bite of the mould.

Woodside Cheese Wrights Figaro

Woodside Cheese Wrights Figaro is a washed rind/smear ripened goat cheese that is wrapped in vine leaves. As it matures a rust coloured paste develops under the leaves.

Also on tasting:
Charleston - jersey milk brie style
Paisley Goat - semi hard goat with hints of blue mould

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Maffra Cheese Company

Maffra Cheese Company is located in Gippsland Victoria and makes cheese from its Holstein Friesian herd.

Maffra Glenmaggie Blue

A pristine round of Maffra Glenmaggie Blue, it is made in a style of a young Stilton.

Maffra Glenmaggie Blue Assorted Maffra Cheese

Maffra Cloth Aged Cheddar

Maffra Cloth Aged Cheddar - probably its most known cheese, the cheese is ripened under its cloth wrapping. It is aged between 18 months to 2 years.

Maffra Farmhouse Brie

Maffra Farmhouse Brie is made in the Normandy style that breaks down to gives us that lovely runny characters.

Maffra Epicurean Fetta

Maffra Epicurean Fetta is marinated in a mix of garlic, chilli, peppercorns and canola oil.

Also on tasting:
Maffra Red Leicester
Maffra Wensleydale


Donnybrook Farmhouse Cheese

Donnybrook Farmhouse Cheese hails from Donnybrook in Victoria. They are a family concern that make traditional styled cheese from their own herd.

Donnybrook Pastorello

Donnybrook Pastorello is a blend of cow and ewes milk.

Donnybrook Cheese

Donnybrook Chilli Cheese (shown at the front) is a chilli studded table cheese that has been matured for 2 months - it has quite the chilli kick to it. Behind it are wheelse of the Donnybrook Natural and Donnybrook Pepato.

Also on tasting:
Donnybrook Parmesan Cheese
Donnybrook Pecorino
Donnybrook Mascarpone
Donnybrook Baked Ricotta


Alexandrina Cheese Company

Alexandrina is situated on the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia and make cheese using the milk from their Jersey herd.

Encounter Bay Edam

Encounter Bay Edam based on the Dutch cheese is nutty and sweet. It is aged between 6-9 months.

Mt Magnificient Gouda

Mt Magnificient Gouda is available in plain and with caraway seeds.

Mt Jagged Mature Cheddar

Mt Jagged Mature Cheddar is cloth wrapped and aged between 9-12 months. It's creamy but with a good bite.

Alexandrina Vintage Cheddar

Alexandrina Vintage Cheddar
is also cloth wrapped but aged between 15-18 months - it maintains that creamy texture but the flavour is wonderfully sharp.

Also on tasting:
Alexandrina James Flat Pepato - peppercorn studded Romano cheese

Jindi Cheese

A very popular stand and at one stage this is all I could take a photo of

basket of cheese

Since we've all had copious amounts of Jindi cheese in the past we decided to taste their other entity - Top Paddock.

Top Paddock is located in Bena in Gippsland.

Top Paddock Washed Rind Cheese Top Paddock Wine Washed Cheese

On the left, is Top Paddock Washed Rind Cheese and it is matured on seasoned timber and produces that characteristic orange rind while the Top Paddock Wine Washed Cheese is bathed in a mix of red wine and spices. It was quite interesting how strongly the grape flavour came through the cheese.

Top Paddock Jumbunna

Top Paddock Jumbunna is quite a moist blue. They actually don't puncture the cheese but just allow the mould to form in the air pockets of this large curded cheese.

taste of blue

You don't really cut this cheese but rather spread it.

Also on tasting:
Jindi Brie
Jindi Classic Camembert
Jindi Triple Cream
Jindi Blue

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Barambah Organics

Barambah Organics are based in Brisbane, Queensland and I mainly know the label from its range of Yoghurts and Cream.

Barambah Fig Tree Paddock Double Cream Brie

Barambah Organics Fig Tree Paddock Double Cream Brie - it's thick rind houses a rich and creamy interior.

Barambah Gold Hawk Washed Rind

Barambah Organics Gold Hawk Washed Rind - pleasant and quite mild.

Also on tasting:
Barambah Organics Quark
Barambah Organics Feta
Barambah Organics Dumaresq River Cheddar


Udder Delights

Udder Delights proved to be another popular stand but that wasn't too much of a problem as we know their goat cheese range quite well but took the opportunity to taste their cows milk brie.

Udder Delights Adelaide Hills Brie

Udder Delights Adelaide Hills Brie is made from Jersey milk - its rind has nicely developed mushroom notes covering a creamy interior.

Also on tasting:
Goat Curd
Marinated Chevre - marinated in fresh herbs and Adelaide Hills Olive oil
Goat Camembert
Oscar - aged ashed goat cheese pyramid

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Hunter Valley Cheese Company

Hunter Valley Cheese Company

I wasn't able to get individual pictures of cheese just this overview.

On tasting:
Branxton Brie - unstabilised cheese
Grape Vine Ashed Brie
Hunter Valley Gold Washed Rind
Pokolbin Smear Ripened


Heidi Farm

Heidi Farm is now owned by National Foods but it still produces great cheese, most notably the Heidi Farm Gruyere which won this years award for Best Semi-Hard Eye Cheese and Heidi Farm Raclette which is this year's Grand Champion.

The best way to end our time here is with the wonderfully addictive grilled Raclette

Heidi Farm Raclette

There it is bubbling away...

Heidi Farm Raclette

As we take our leave, it's looking a lot more crowded

crowded room

Other Cheese Makers at the Show:

Fresh Cheese Company
Mamma Lucia Mascarpone
Mamma Lucia Smooth Ricotta
Mamma Lucia Fresh Pecorino
Mamma Lucia Bocconcini
Mamma Lucia Fior Di Late
Mamma Lucia Pecorino
Mamma Lucia Pepato
Mamma Lucia Cilli

King Island Dairy
King Island Dairy Discover Ash Blue
King Island Dairy Stormy Washed Rind

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Tasmanian Heritage
Tasmanian Heritage Signature Camembert
Tasmanian Heritage Signature Blue

Maleny Cheese
Maleny Tilsit and Raclette
Maleny Brie, Camembert and Triple Cream Brie
Maleny Marinated Fetta
Maleny Club Cheddar
Maleny Le Blochon


Meredith Dairy
Meredith Dairy Goat Cheese in Extra Virgin Olive oil
Ashed Pyramids - goats milk cheese covered in ash
Caprini - baby goat cheese with white mould rind
Cargarie - younger version of the Caprini
Chevre - fresh goat cheese
Meredith Blue - available as a sheep or goat milk blue made in Roquefort style
Woodbourne - french farmhouse style ewe milk brie
Traditional Feta - made from sheep and goat milk
Fromage Frais and Fromage Blanc - creamy fresh curd
Pure Sheep Milk Yoghurt


Milawa Cheese Company
Milawa Fresh Goats Curd
Milawa Marinated Chevre - marinated in a mix of chilli, garlic and herbs and grape seed oil
Milawa Blue - soft blue cheese
Milawa Gold - a full flavoured washed rind cheese
King River Gold - a mild washed rind cheese
Milawa Capricornia - hard goat cheese
Milawa Brie
Milawa Ceridwed - vine ashed and white mould fresh chevre, Loire Valley styled

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Red Hill Cheese
Misty Valley (Goat) - soft, white mould
Merricks Mist (Cow - Organic) - white mould
Bushranger Gold (Goat) - wine washed rind
Fingal Gold (Cow - Organic) - brine washed rind
Sensation (Goat) - wrinkled white mould, semi-matured
Arthurs Peak with Herb (Goat) - oregano coated goat curd pyramid

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Shaw River Buffalo Cheese
Smoked Buffalino
Buffetta - buffalo milk fetta style

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Yarra Valley Dairy
Persian Fetta - cows milk fetta marinated in herbs garlic and oil
Chevre Medallions - goat cheese marinated in herbs and garlic
Yering - cows milk camembert style
Le Jack - white mould young goat cheese
Black Savourines - semi matured goat cheese in grapevine ash and white mould

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  1. What an outstanding post! I absolutely loved every word and photo. Thank you for sharing it with us :)

  2. Thanks Truffle - it was a lot of fun to put together.

  3. Excellent write up! And great shots. Now I know what you mean when you said that you had a cheesy weekend :-) I wish there was such a thing in Sydney...or maybe there is, but I'm not in the know.

  4. Thanks Nora - this show tours and starts off in Sydney then goes to Brisbane before finally coming here. The Sydney show is on in May and the Brisbane one in June so you'll have to mark your diary for next year.

    This is a good site to find out when the cheese shows are on
    Australian Specialist Cheesemakers Association

  5. Hi there Haalo. This is what I call a great cheesy weekend and some well explained post. I'll take one woodside cheese camembert please. I was melting with its picture. Have a great day Haalo.

  6. H Rose, hope you are enjoying your day - oh yes, that woodside camembert was almost liquid, unbelievably good. You've picked well!

  7. Anonymous22:49

    Keep up the amazing coverage of the range of food on offer in this wonderful food producing country, amazing quality.

    Was there any cheese makers there? Be good to sense their pride in their product's being enjoyed?

  8. Thanks Angus - just about every stall had cheesemakers or those associated with the production but it's not really an environment where you can chat to them - it's just way too crowded. They would be left in no doubt though that their cheese are enjoyed.


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