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Friday, August 31, 2007

Dinner @ Fenix

Due to a rather fortuitous change of plans we've been able to take time out and enjoy ourselves at Fenix.

Pink must be the in thing as we start off with a glass of Devaux Rosé

Devaux Rose

It's a soft and lightly fruity style - a lovely way to begin.


Pan seared gnocchi with fresh borlotti beans, bacon, baby artichoke, bay leaf foam and various micro herbs
Wine: Outlook Hill Chardonnay

A new dish to begin with and it's an immediate wow. Paalo described it as "refined rustic". The flavours are those that you might encounter in some lovely little spot in Italy. The gnocchi are wonderfully small and sautéed until slightly golden. It's the type of dish where you could easily have a second bowl.

salt cod

Salt cod, salt cod and celeriac puree, two types of crumbled pistachio cake, nasturtium puree
Wine: Dr Loosen Kabinett

This is classic that I just don't think you can improve on. All the elements are there working in harmony, the food and wine just matched perfectly.


Scallops with leek terrine, leek puree, bacon crumble, hazelnut foam

leek terrine

Here's a better look at the leek terrine.

There's been a little change from our last tasting, the addition of crisp strips of bacon that straddle the large pieces of scallop.


Sous-vide and lightly Smoked Salmon with pine needles, fennel and pink fir potatoes, apple puree, pine nut clay, pine nuts and black sesame seeds
Wine: Eagle Vale Fumé Blanc

I don't think I mentioned last time how well the wine matched this dish, especially working with the soft smoked flavours of the fish. Once again, the fish can't be bettered, it's soft and succulent and just melts in your mouth.


Dehydrated Vegetables and Bone Marrow with Beetroot Dust

We haven't had this for a while - the bone marrow was especially good, there seemed to be a crisper crust which caused the inside to just dissolve as you ate it. The vegetable were also a litter firmer than usual.


Sliced Lamb Rump, Jerusalem Artichokes, olive dust

Served perfectly pink, the meat had such an intense lamb flavour, it works well against the earthy flavours of the Jerusalem artichokes.

toast and marmalade

We really couldn't have a meal without this dish - Confit cumquat, Burnt Orange Cream and Pressed Macadamia biscuit.


Pumpkin Ice-cream, gingerbread biscuits, coffee crystals, caramelised pumpkin cubes

With only slight changes in presentation, the combination of flavours and textures still work.


Petit fours accompany our coffee


We especially like the new salted caramel truffles!

The details:

Fenix can be found at
680 Victoria Street Richmond
(03) 9427 8500

Tuesday - Sunday for Lunch: 12pm-3pm
Tuesday - Saturday for Dinner: 6pm-11pm



  1. Anonymous15:19

    Oh I so want to dine there. Great blog, also your other blog ‘cook (almost) anything at least once’, your pictures and descriptions are inspiring, just what I need on a day off. Regards John

  2. Thanks John, glad to know you are enjoying the blogs. I hope you manage to find yourself at Fenix sooner rather than later!


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