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Monday, September 10, 2007

Event @ Fenix

Monday night saw us attending the much anticipated event "The Science of Food" with Dr Peter Barham and it was held in the function rooms upstairs.


I must admit we were quite impressed at the turnout, far larger than we had imagined. The fooderati were there in force, some important, some important in their own mind.

The evening began with demonstrations headed by Raymond - we learn that Bunnings is a great source for many of the items needed in the process of making some of the "molecular gastronomy" dishes. I use inverted commas as the dishes shouldn't be labeled as such but should be seen as a modern approach to traditional dishes.

butternut pumpkin soup

Veloute of Butternut Pumpkin, Pine Tree Oil

Tasting this soup it becomes obvious why its called butter-nut. Wonderfully rich tasting.

36 hour lamb

36 hour braised spring lamb, parsnip mousseline, spring vegetables

As always, the lamb was sublime, tender and full flavoured.


Flourless Chocolate Soufflé, Gorgonzola Ice Cream

The one "Frankenstein" dish as Ray called it. It was really interesting to taste the items separated and then combine them. By itself the gorgonzola had a definite blue taste to it but when eaten with the chocolate soufflé it just meshed.

Near the end of the evening the floor was opened up for questions and I suppose this is would be the only disappointing part of the night. Many of the questions asked seemed to bare no relation to the topic at hand. We had questions about lactose intolerance, cholesterol and even Anaphylactic shock!

I suppose when it comes to those in-vogue intolerances people don't really want to hear that most of it is in their heads. Cholesterol guy needed to heed Dr Barham's words - it's your genes not the food. One of the people at our table muttered about how self-indulgent the questions were and I really couldn't disagree.

Paalo moblogged the event as it happened so you can see more photos from the night here.

The details:

Fenix can be found at
680 Victoria Street Richmond
(03) 9427 8500

Tuesday - Sunday for Lunch: 12pm-3pm
Tuesday - Saturday for Dinner: 6pm-11pm



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