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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Train: Milan - Turin

Finally the last leg of this ridiculously long journey.

I leave Paalo on the platform with the bags while I go and purchase our train tickets and some more water. It gives him some time just to settle himself.

Milano Centrale is probably my favourite station and when we were last here 2 years ago plans were in the pipeline to expand and restore the station. Well, I can report that restoration is indeed underway with parts of the station closed off.

It's really quick to buy the tickets from the vending machines but they only seem to take credit cards and you must validate the ticket before you board - validation is easy once you find a machine that works.

The train we're catching is a regional so it will be stopping quite often, however it seems to be stopping at quite a few unscheduled places as it waits for trains to pass. Just when you really need to get somewhere quickly, the train takes even longer than normal and we arrive about 30 minutes late.


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