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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Train: Turin - Florence

We leave with the rain still falling in Turin and we've only got a 10 minute window to switch train in Milan so we're both watching the clock. If you've been to Milan Station you'll know how big it is so we're hoping the connecting train isn't in a platform too far away from ours. It does seem that I've got whatever Paalo has and I'm feeling even worse today than yesterday so poor Paalo is having to manage most of the bags.


The train arrives at Torino Porto Nuovo well in time and we settle ourselves in a booth - unfortunately all of first class are six seater booths and we share the journey with a group of gossiping women on a shopping trip to Milan. Some of these women don't even pause to breathe!

Mid way through the trip the drinks guy comes through and one of the women order a macchiato. I have to stifle the chuckle when I see him rip open the instant coffee sachet! Worse still, it costs €1.50!

Once she takes a sip, the drama ensures and eventually it's thrown away.

The train is coming in late to Milan but I think I spy the connected Eurostar train just two platforms away as we pull in. I hurry off and a quick look at the board tells me I was right and we scurry over to catch the train. We probably make it with 5 minutes to spare as the Eurostar leaves a little late too.

We arrive into Florence about 10 minutes late and the rain has come with us.


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