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Monday, September 24, 2007

Slow Cheese Taste Workshop LC30

Rice, Risotto and Cheese

Tasting of two aged rices, Carnaroli di Acquerello aged for one year and Nebbione (also known as old Vercelli) aged two years from the Nebbione Estate of Carisio (Vercelli). They will first be served simply boiled and compared with the same type of rice that hasn't undergone aging, and then cooked in a dish with Slow Food Presidium Castelmagno d'Alpeggio. Accompanied by wines from Gancia of Canelli (Asti).

the room


Wine: Carlo Gancia Gold Intergral
sparkling wine make with chardonnay/pinot noir


plain boiled rice - the one on the left is the aged Acquerello rice


Wine 2: Gancia Unisono 2006
pure chardonnay, fruity nose with peach and apple; intense acidity, 13.5%


Wine 3: Gancia La Ladra
barbara d'asti; scent of red fruits, berry nose, tannin comes in from the wood maturation as barbara grapes has no tannins.


Frog leg stew


Wine 4: Camillo Gancia 2005 Asti Spumante
muscat grapes using the champagne method rather than the tradition asti method, brut aroma, creamy in mouth,


Risotto with Castelmagno cheese


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