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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Turin - Day 1

We're out of the station and although parts of the inside have been renovated the outside is still a mess. It doesn't take us long to get a taxi and we're finally on the final stretch.

Let's put it into context to see just how long we've taken.

We left at 6am Melbourne time Sunday and we have now arrived in Turin at 7pm Tuesday Melbourne time - of that we spent over 24 hours on planes and about 12 hours on trains - next time you want you complain about your 6 hour plane trip, think again.

There's a nice thing about Turin, the taxi drivers are all pretty good and this one isn't an exception. He delivers us directly and quickly to our destination.

Reception has moved to the other part of the palazzo so I toddle off leaving Paalo with the bags while I check in - it's only fair as I booked the place. It's with great relief that we can get straight into our room.

Air-conditioning on at full blast and a refreshing shower are the first course of action.

While it provides a revitalising life for me I can't say the same thing about Paalo - he is just exhausted and incapable of keeping his eyes open. Leaving him tucked up in bed, I'm off to get some provisions and reacquaint myself with the area.

piazza savoia

This is where we are staying - just off the Piazza Savoia. The building was originally the Palazzo Saluzzo built in 1730 by Gian Giacomo Plantery the rival of Juvarra - you see a lot of Juvarra buildings here in Turin and it cost the unbelievable sum of 300,000 lire.

palazzo barolo

Nearby is Palazzo Barolo now home to the Opera Pia.

palazzo barolo

It was built in the 17th Century for the Marquises Tancredi and Giulia of Barolo.

coat of arms

lane-way shrine


One of my favourite haunts is the Piazza della Consolata and this is the old Romanesque bell tower of S. Andrea that towers over one of the more stunning churches in the city, Basilica della Consolata.

bell tower

0DSCN1575.jpg 0DSCN1577.jpg 0DSCN1576.jpg

al bircerin

This is the famous Caffé Al Bicerin and it sits on the Piazza della Consolata right in front of the church.


This 25 meter high column is topped by a statue of the Virgin Mary and it was erected as thanks for keeping Turin free of the plague back in 1835.


0DSCN1586.jpg 0DSCN1587.jpg


These meanderings have given me an appetite so I decide to hop into one of the local cafe for a quick bite:


How appropriate that my first coffee in Turin uses Lavazza - Lavazza after all was started here. I like how serve the coffee with a shot of fizzy mineral water.

To go with my coffee I order a simple tomato, lettuce and buffalo mozzarella and enjoy it so much I almost forget to take a photo - excuse the bite marks


My last stop before heading back to the room is the supermarket where I buy water and some lovely fresh Sicilian peaches (only €1 for a kilo!). It's good to see that the water is still as cheap as ever about 30 euro cents for 1 and a half litres for brands such as Panna and Lauretana).

Once back in the room with Paalo still sleeping I take it easy for the rest of the day, after all, I'm not superhuman and I am tired from the travel.

I start organising the photos and catching up with these postings but eventually sleep wins and I call it an early night.


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