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Friday, September 28, 2007

Florence - Day 2

Paalo is off at 4am to catch his train that will take him to first Bologna and then Milan and from there, Milan Linate.

I finally get somewhere with the internet situation - indeed it was a problem with the actual adsl line. At breakfast on a dark and dreary and very rainy morning, I tested their laptop one more time. A screen popped up that hadn't appeared all last night, asking me if I want to log in.

Ahh, this was one key to the puzzle. Paalo was correct in thinking that this was set up as PPPoE and we would need the account name and password to be able to access the outside word. Well, I had two of them right in front of me all I needed was a password.

Excited, I plugged the cable into the mac, fiddled with the internet connection properties, added the PPPoE settings and then just took a pot shot at the password, figuring I'd just go down and ask. Unbelievably my guess proved correct and I was in. Ahhh, the world I can see you!

It's amazing how much this really perked me up. I'm now able to skype and chat with family back home. But you don't really want to hear about that.

Today was really just about setting up the apartment so I can enjoy the time here - two trips to the market and another this afternoon for some general kitchen things.

At the market I was actually surprised about how many more tourists are still here and how annoying they are - must you REALLY use flash???? The funny thing is that I'll probably be in so many of these peoples photos and be the token "local" going veg shopping.


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