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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Turin - Day 6

Today we revisit a few places to see how they have changed in two years.

First off, it's a combined visit to the Galleria Sabauda and Museo Egizio since they are housed in the same building. Word of advice, don't go on a Sunday, it's a little too crowded and you have to keep dodging the guided tour groups.

The Galleria houses the artworks from the collections of the Dukes and Kings of Savoy and was found in 1832 - well worth a visit but no photography allowed.

Rather than just show photos from the Egyptian Museum I thought I'd just see how much it changed. The most notable change are in the rooms housing the statues.

This is how they looked 2 years ago


and this is now


Quite a stunning change.

As lovely as this is


this looks so much better


Another change is that the sarcophagus room is now open


If you'd like to see more from the museum or see how it has changed, you can stroll through these two flickr sets

Museo Egizio 2005
Museo Egizio 2007

There are some renovations happening here - they are finally putting in an elevator to make the galleria more accessible. If you like climbing stairs then by all means start at the top with the Galleria but be warned, they will make you head back to the ground floor to gain entry to the museum,

My next point of comparison was the Piazza San Carlo and this is how it looked


and this is now




well, it's almost finished except for the central statue


and the restoration of the Chiesa di San Cristina


Since we were here we popped into Neuv Caval 'd Brôns for a drink and were surprised by the rather generous snacks they give you to nibble on for free


As we made our way back to the apartment we take in the Galleria San Federico




Opened in 1933, it now houses high-end shops and the Cinema Lux which so happens to be undergoing renovations!

Snapped in one of the lanes - Juventus is playing Torino - nothing like inter-town rivalry


Juventus is the zebra and Torino is the bull.

One final pause - Al Bicerin for their zabaglione


The one without cream is mine


In the evening we tram it to the Mole Antonelliana with the intention of capturing the city at dusk - unfortunately it seems like a lot of other people had the same brilliant idea. We do go into the museum as Paalo just wants to see the elevator.


And there it is.

You just lay back in these swish red velvet lounges and watch the movies that are playing


or take in the surrounds


or just watch the elevator go up and down


More photos of the Mole Antonelliana can be found at the flickr set -
Mole Antonelliana

Dinner was had at a bar on the way home - Paalo lured by the look of the pizza


I had an excellent pancetta and onion pizza


while Paalo just couldn't go past the Bufala - buffalo mozzarella pizza.

For such a nondescript place they certainly knew how to make excellent pizza.


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