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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Turin - Day 5

It's amazing the difference a few hours makes.

At 4am, with Paalo no better and if not, worse, we'd contacted Amex Emergency Assist in order to get medical attention. I'm going to say that wasn't particularly impressed - the consultant telling us "oh we find that it's better if you just ask the locals". Well yeah thanks alot. With reception not opening until 8am we'd have to wait.

Paalo went back to sleep while I went to work sorting through the many photos - it's taking longer than I had expected though the last week hasn't really run to plan. But hey, it's supposed to be a holiday, not work. As it is we've shelved our plans to return to Bra for the next two days but will return for the final day on Monday.

When Paalo eventually awoke he seemed a lot better - in fact at breakfast he'd managed to actually eat something rather than just pick at it. After breakfast we decided to explore close to home and take things slowly to see if this recovery was a bit more permanent than the last.

A stroll down the Via Garabaldi was in order as it would take us straight to Palazzo Madama.

Our first stop - Chiesa di San Dalmazzo


The interior decoration is late 18th century medieval style was done by Enrico Reffo.



0DSCN2094.jpg 0DSCN2106.jpg



0DSCN2101.jpg 0DSCN2105.jpg


Followed by another visit to Chiesa dei Santi Martiri

0DSCN2110.jpg 0DSCN2111.jpg

Founded by the Jesuits in 1577 it is dedicated to the protectors of the city Solutore, Avventore and Ottavio. The statues on the facade were sculpted by Borelli and the main altar designed by Juvarra.




0DSCN2113.jpg 0DSCN2116.jpg 0DSCN2121.jpg


The next church is one I don't remember visiting before - Chiesa della Santissima Trinità. Built between 1598-1606 it was designed by Ascanio Vitozzi.

Jesus even greets you at the door



The frescoes are by Goni and Vacca and the marble furnishings and decorations the work of Juvarra.



In no time at all we'd reached the piazza castello and Paalo spied his new car...


the new Alfa Brera.

Our next stop was a visit to Palazzo Madama - if you'd like to see the photos I took today you can check out the set at flickr - Palazzo Madama.

Though I don't how I managed to miss some rooms when I was here earlier


like this lounge area


For this visit we did stop for a bite at the Palazzo's Caffé Madama. It's run by one of Turin's old cafe houses, Neuv Caval 'd Brôns - it's not the norm to be served by tuxedo-wearing waiters, very dapper indeed.


We ordered these two deliciously fresh little panini - enough to nourish us as we continued exploring.

The cafe is housed in two room of which this, is one


Our next stop was the Palazzo Reale but unfortunately it wouldn't be reopening until 2pm - a bit too late for us today.

So after another bit of a wander we headed to the new cafe in the Palazzo Reale - I say new because it wasn't there two years ago. This is also run by Neuv Caval 'd Brôns so we had we had another two little panini


Our final stop was the Armeria Reale (Royal Armoury)- no photos allowed. It was closed when I visited in 2005 but like most thing it has now reopened. It houses a large collection of arms and armoury from the 16th century onwards.

I did find the main hall a little freaky - filled with so many stuffed horses surmounted by knights in full armour. Too many horror films had be looking sidewards, waiting for one of the suits of armour to come to life.

Having truly tested Paalo's new found limits we headed back to rest for a little while before going out again for dinner.

In the evening we went the short distance to the Piazza Statuto. It is dominated by a large sculpture which is a memorial to the workers that died building the Frejus Train Tunnel that links Italy to France.





For dinner we returned to the Feeling Cafe and had their apertivo again but added a dish of tagliata misto (mixed salami and cheese)




The pictures aren't red anymore but the flash is horrible!


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