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Friday, September 21, 2007

Slow Cheese Taste Workshop LC02


Session dedicated to fresh and aged stretched curd cheeses, typical of southern Italy. Buffalo mozzarella from Campania, followed by Slow Food Presidia cheeses: Gargano Caciocavallo Podolico and Basilicata Caciocavallo, Monaco Provolone (from Agerolese milk), Nebrodi Provola and Ragusa Provola served with beers produced by Zago from Prata di Pordenone (Pordenone).

the panel

the table settings

the cheese

the cheese
The flag just lets you know which cheese to begin with and they are then tasted in a clockwise direction.

With the first cheese you could seem the seasonal milk on the nose but that disappeared when you tatsted it. Very elastic and tended to break into threads and separate, almost dissolving in the heat of your mouth


The first beer - Edikt 151


Cheese 2 - showed imperfections in the flesh.


Cheese 3 - showed marks in the flesh appearing in a concentric pattern, dry vegetable perfume with good elasticity.


2nd Beer - St Hubert Pilsner


Cheese 4 - Provolone Monaco from Campagnia. Butter, herbs and straw on the nose, elegant bouquet that fulfils its promise in the taste. The floral tendencies are matched in the beer.


Beer 3: Nut Birra Divinia


Cheese 5 - Gargano Caciocavallo Podolico. The Podolico cows were almost extinct due to the difficult conditions associated with their milking. The cows give very little milk and are milked with their calves by their side. The herds themselves are left to roam and are semi-wild. Thanks to the Slow Food Presidium, they are helping farmers continue to produce the artisan cheese and to save the Podolico for future generations.


Beer 4 - Edikt 1516

four beers


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