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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dinner @ The Deanery

As soon as I received the mail that Pierre and Robin were together again at The Deanery and doing degustation, my first reaction was to pick up the phone and make an immediate booking.

The Deanery© by Haalo

The Deanery is located at the end of a little lane off Flinders lane. The ground floor is home to the wine bar while the upper level houses the restaurant - large windows give you views of the wine storage area. It shares a similar problem to The Undertaker - the noise from lively patrons travels unimpeded into the dining area somewhat diminishing the dining environment.

We begin our meal with bread

The Deanery© by Haalo
we are offered a generous selection, pumpkin & saffron, mixed grain, sage & pancetta

First Course:

The Deanery© by Haalo
Minestrone Soup

This comes to the table without the broth. At the centre of the plate is a striped pillow stuffed with the finest dice of vegetables I've ever seen. As the broth is poured, the heat dissolves the pillow, leaving just the white strips behind.

Second Course:

The Deanery© by Haalo
scallops, herb risotto, violet

Those crisp fingers atop the dish are caramelised endive if my memory serves me right. The combination of violet foam, sweet scallops and creamy risotto is thoroughly enjoyable.

Third Course:

The Deanery© by Haalo
squab, chestnut, pear, rosemary

The texture of the squab was striking - it had an almost pâté like feel. I don't think you could actually improve it, it was sublime.

Fourth course:

The Deanery© by Haalo
mutton, parsnip, tonka beans, balsamic, salsify

When I think of mutton I think of something old and tough with an unpleasant odour. It's not something I would order but the reason I enjoy degustation so much is that it forces us to try things outside of our norm.
My thoughts on mutton have to be reconsidered - the aroma is gone, the meat is tender and I'd call it, delicately flavoured.

Fifth Course:

The Deanery© by Haalo
blackberry, eucalyptus, yoghurt

this is the type of dessert where you a take a bite and discover a new flavour or texture or temperature, there's always something going on.

There are soft jellies and chewable jellies, tiny violet flavour rocks, berry flavoured sponges and a hint of eucalyptus that cleans and clears.

Sixth Course:

The Deanery© by Haalo
coffee, treacle, basil, banana

To finish:

The Deanery© by Haalo
salted caramel, griottines, roasted almond

Since we've visited a Desert Degustation has been added (3 courses/$35pp or 5 courses/$50pp) and I'm sure we'll soon be returning.

The details:

The Deanery
13 Bligh Place

Phone: 9629 5599

Monday-Friday from 12pm
Saturday from 6pm
Sunday closed



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