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Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in review

We haven't done this before but we thought we'd put together a list of things we've liked and disliked over the year.

In no particular order these are our top 10 dishes/dining experiences of the year

1. BBQ Wagyu ribs with potato salad and coleslaw matched with Hard Rock (bourbon, blood orange juice, vermouth and cherry brandy) from Cafe Vue Cocktail Night

cafe vue© by haalo

A course in which cocktail and food reached perfect harmony and that is saying something when one of the ingredients of the cocktail is Cherry Brandy. These ribs were spectacular - I just wish I had the recipe!

2. Waffles with Pistachio Ice Cream and Syrup at Ellery and Co

ellery & co© by Haalo

If friands were the new muffins and cupcakes were the new friands and macaroons are just hideously over-rated, then for sure, waffles dislodge pancakes as the king of breakfast. What puts these waffles over the top, pistachio ice cream!

3. Truffle Degustation Lunch at Chateau Yering

Chateau Yering© by Haalo

An annual lunch that just keeps getting better - it puts to shame the overhyped Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.

4. Rotisserie Chicken @ Cafe Vue at 401

cafe vue at 401© by Haalo

The humble chicken reaches nirvana - you'll never be able to make roast chicken again

5. Carpaccio of Hiramasa Kingfish at Matteo's

matteo's© by Haalo

This isn't a dish that originates in 2010 but it's a dish that is still as enjoyable as the first time we had it.

6. Truffle Pannacotta from Il Bacaro

il bacaro© by Haalo
At the time we rated this an 11 out of 10 - there's nothing you could do to possibly improve this - apart from eating two!

7. Seaweed Butter at Maze

maze© by Haalo
The food at Maze has been terrific - such care and skill going into each and every dish but the seaweed butter was a revelation. We even made it ourselves!

8. Anniversary Dinner at Vue de Monde

vue de monde© by Haalo
A special anniversay made even more so by the sublime food, wine and service at Vue de Monde.

9. King Jorg Whiting baked in pastry from Jorg

jorg© by Haalo
A dish that sparked envy among diners - after a taste, we all wished we ordered it.

10. Semolina Pancakes from Demetri's Feast

For pancakes to be included they have to be something different  and these Semolina Pancakes with orange honey syrup fit the bill.

Now, if you were to really push us as to what our number one would be, then I think it would have to be the Rotisserie Chicken.

What we haven't liked this year in no particular order:

1. Too many PR hacks posing as food bloggers
2. Hyped restaurants and their coterie of amenable bloggers
3. Special "Food Blogger" dinners
4. Superiority complex of bloggers v urbanspoon, eatablity etc
5. Restaurant critics who own restaurants but still review
6. Eat Drink Blog - the motivation can be described in two words - Goody Bag
7. The decline of independence and transparency
8. Nuffnung and their ilk

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  1. loving looking dishes i hope one day to try. that Café Vue at 401
    chicken sounds pretty cool to see it roasting away. so many amazing things to try in melbourne :-)


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