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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dinner @ Jorg

We had intended to dine at Josie Bones tonight but typically, it was closed. No matter we thought, there are plenty of places to eat around here. We tried venturing up the road to Huxtable but it was booked out so we decided to look further afield and headed off to Scopri. Unfortunately, it was also booked out. Our next stop was Jorg and luckily for us, they had a free table.

We started with a few dishes to share:

Jorg© by Haalo
Top: Baccala fritters with pimento salsa
Bottom: Potted Meat with crisp bread

There's three to a serve but as we're in a group of four, they kindly add an extra fritter. The fritters are excellent, there's a good proportion of baccala and the javascript:void(0)salsa is a lovely companion.

The potted meat is duck and had us all wanting more. Rich without being heavy, wonderfully flavoured.

Jorg© by Haalo

Vitello Tonnato

This is quite a unique interpretation of that classic Italian dish. Here the tuna takes the form of lightly seared tuna and its served alongside discs of poached veal. Different but delicious.

Jorg© by Haalo

Hot and Sour Chicken Ribs

A generous bowlful of addictive deliciousness. The ribs are quite meaty with a good crisp coating, the chicken still moist and tender. The sauce is as written, hot and sour.


Jorg© by Haalo

King Jorg Whiting baked in pastry, preserved lemon, fennel skordalia

While we all enjoyed our respective dishes, we were in agreement that this was the best of the mains. The whiting is rolled in brick pasty and stuffed with a mix of fennel and preserved lemon - the end result is an unbelievably moist fish. 

Jorg© by Haalo

Grain fed Boeuf Rotis, soft polenta, charred asparagus

As much as I enjoyed the beef, the star of this dish is the polenta - soft and rich with parmesan

Jorg© by Haalo

Suckling pig, du puy lenitls, kipfler potatoes, kaiser

Good crackling over a nice sized rectangle of soft and gelatinous suckling pig.


Jorg© by Haalo

Golden potatoes with mojo sauce - green beans with almonds and garlic


Jorg© by Haalo

Bitter chocolate and caramelised walnut tart, milk chocolate chantilly and dolce latte ice-cream

Jorg© by Haalo

Vanilla bean panna cotta, blood orange and campari jelly, meringue and biscotti

Jorg© by Haalo

Apple, pear and almond crumble, with rhubarb ice cream

The details:

203 St Georges Road
Fitzroy North

Phone: 9482 3002

Tuesday to Sunday - Lunch and Dinner



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