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Friday, December 03, 2010

Lunch @ Barkers Wine Bar

There has been quite substantial changes to Barkers since our last visit. Michael Lambie has gone, Head Chef Tony Twitchett is on his way back to Taxi and the place istelf, sold to a new group. What do all these changes mean for Barkers?

On first glance, nothing seems to have changed, the menu is exactly the same so it's going to be very easy to compare the past with the present.

To start:

Many a tasting plate have we enjoyed and on appearance it basically looks the same...unfortunately, looks are deceiving. The worst thing on the plate was, in previous incarnations one of the nicest - the marinated salmon with chili yuzu sauce. The sauce was a disaster - it had the feel that it was made by someone following a recipe but not really understanding what it should taste like.

Brandade stuffed zucchini flowers - the zucchini flowers by themselves were good. I don't know who thought serving them with a sweet chili sauce was a good idea, let alone matching them to a paprika mayonnaise and a green papaya salad.

Duck Gyoza 
As soon as these were placed on the table we both could see that they were undercooked - I don't know how they could have left the kitchen in that state. Thick, tough and doughy.

From what we've experienced, this is not the same Barkers that we've enjoyed in the past. The food is not as good as it was and I don't know what the future holds for this place. If this is indicative of the food, this is not a place we would return to - it really is a pity.

The details:

Barkers Wine Bar and Bistro
84 Barkers Road

9853 6638

Monday to Sunday: Noon till Late

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