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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Breakfast @ Barkers Wine Bar and Bistro

Sad to say but this is the last breakfast service at Barkers - the good news is that it will resume closer to summer.

I've opted for a winter favourite:

Barkers© by Haalo
This is probably my favourite porridge - it's creamy, thick and rich with that lovely underlining flavour of vanilla.

Paalo's gone for something hearty too

Barkers© by Haalo

Barkers© by Haalo

Just look how lovely and gooey those eggs are! The chorizo is well spiced and meaty, the beans still have a little bite and it's all bound by a rich tomato sauce.

Just a quick note about the barkers website. I don't know which creative genius is behind it but you really need to get rid of that absolutely annoying dog barking sound you get every time you click - that is so geocities it's not funny.

The details:

Barkers Wine Bar and Bistro
84 Barkers Road

9853 6638

Monday to Sunday: Noon till Late


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