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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Breakfast @ Home Dining Room

It has been a while since we last looked at Home Dining Room so it's time to see what's happening at breakfast.

Home Dining Room© by Haalo

There's been a change to the coffee - they are using the Cowpuncher blend from Small Batch, which is perfect for milky coffees.

When it comes to breakfast, it's impossible to go past these

Home Dining Room© by Haalo

Soft and fluffy and studded with lovely lumps of ricotta - these hotcakes are divine. Top them with bananas in a butterscotch sauce and you have nirvana.

Home Dining Room© by Haalo

Eggs were gorgeous and runny - there's a nice sweet warmth from the chilli jam which works well with the salty yet crisp prosciutto. The rosti make a nice alternative to toast.

*Note: Since I wrote this there has been a change of chef.

The details:

Home Dining Room
601 Burwood Road

9819 5555

Breakfast and Lunch - 7 days
Dinner - Tuesday to Saturday


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