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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dinner @ Momo Restaurant

It's Paalo's birthday so we're off to celebrate with a very overdue visit to Momo!
momo© by Haalo

Since there's been such a gap between visits, the menu has changed so all the dishes are new to us but it does start the same way

momo© by Haalo

with an array of wonderfully fresh vegetables served with hummus, mini pita breads and olive oil, dashed with a drop of pomegranate molasses.

As it's a Saturday, you have two degustation options - Arabesque (your choice of two entrees, two mains and two sides) or Moorish (all entrees, your choice of two mains and all sides) - and as this is a celebration (like we really need an excuse) we've opted for the Moorish.

I'm also going to add that the lighting in these photos are horrible and really don't do justice to the food and if you really want to see what the food looks like, then go and eat there!

First Course:

momo© by Haalo

As with all the courses they are silver served, which we both think is a really lovely touch.

On the left is a jumbo prawn, still lovely and juicy inside the crumb coating - the feta adds a creamy sharpness that works well with the sweet prawn.

The sweetbreads on the right, were very soft and delicate, a good match to the earthy flavour of beetroot

Second course:

momo© by Haalo
A pleasant dish on its own but was overwhelmed by the deliciousness of its companion

momo© by Haalo

It's hard to imagine how something so small and simple could be so utterly delicious. We both could happily sit down to a dinner consisting of nothing but these goat kibbeh. The meat was juicy and tender, the spicing and flavours combined perfectly.

Third Course:

The first of our mains:

momo© by Haalo

served with the following sides:
momo© by Haalo

momo© by Haalo

Fourth Course:

The second of our mains, one of the specials of the day

momo© by Haalo

momo© by Haalo

momo© by Haalo


Dessert comes in two parts - the dessert platter

momo© by Haalo

and fresh fruit salad with sorbet

momo© by Haalo

To finish, coffee and petit fours:

momo© by Haalo

There's one thing we've decided after tonights meal, we won't wait so long before we come again!

momo© by Haalo

The details:

Momo Restaurant
Lower Plaza Level
123 Collins Street

Phone: 9650 0660

Open: Dinner Only - Tuesday to Saturday


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