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Friday, July 30, 2010

Dinner @ Matteos

The eat crew have gathered for what could be described as Paalo's pre-birthday dinner at one of our collectives favourite spots, Matteo's.

As usual it seems the menus are not really needed and it's a fait accompli that we've ordered the degustation.

matteo's© by Haalo
I think we've all sung praises for the kingfish and while it is a favourite dish, its companions shouldn't be overlooked.

matteo's© by Haalo

We've had an extra dish slipped in for us to try - underneath the silky custard are pieces of drunken chicken, potently poached in sake. It packs a lot of flavour in a small parcel.

matteo's© by Haalo

Watermelon and fetta is a combination that is always going to work but add to that the peppery bite of radish and sour tangy flavour of the tamarind vinaigrette the experience is even better and quite an interesting way to bring something new to a familiar dish of stuffed zucchini flowers.

It's a big raviolo but the pasta is well cooked and the filling dense with sweet crab meat.

matteo's© by Haalo

The shumai pie was excellent as we've come to expect but the wagyu was perfection, tender yet packed with flavour, it seriously impressed us all.

matteo's© by Haalo

matteo's© by Haalo

It's so good it needs a close up!

The details:

Matteo's Restaurant
533 Brunswick Street
Fitzroy North

9481 1177

Monday-Friday: 12pm to 3pm
Sunday: 12pm to 3pm

Monday-Sunday: 6pm to 10pm

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  1. Gaytime! I've never been to Matteo's and that degustation dessert looks well worth a trip on its own...

    Jetsetting Joyce


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