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Friday, October 10, 2008

Dinner @ Centonove

It's a long overdue revisit to Centonove.



Wood fired Hervey Bay Scallops with porcini mushroom butter and prosciutto

Hervey Bay Scallops are delicate and delicious but I think this dish would be better suited to the more meaty Canadian scallops.

Salad of aged Gippsland Beef sliced with Italian Buffalina, baby beetroots and Parmesan

A very generous serving of thickly sliced beef mingled with the other ingredients for quite a hearty starter.

For Mains:

Lasagne of duck confit, porcini and fontina bechamel

This is a constructed in the bowl type of lasagne an excellent mix of tender duck confit and porcini bathed in a tasty fontina bechamel.

Slow roasted pork belly with seared scallops, mustard fruits, mint and lentils

A large cube of tender pork belly accompanied by 4 grilled scallops. Mustard fruits and mint helped create a rich aromatic sauce to which the lentils were perfectly matched.

We ordered a side dish:

Sauteed broccolini with garlic, olive oil and chilli

For dessert:

Vanilla bean Pannacotta
A really good example of that just set pannacotta - just holding that line between set and unset.

Pannetone bread pudding

Very much like a bread and butter pudding make with pannetone and served with a good custard.

The details:

109 Cotham Road, Kew
Phone 03 9817 6468

Tuesday - Friday: 10am - 10pm
Saturday: 11am - 10pm



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