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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lunch @ Eleonore's Restaurant

Joining us for a trip in the country are regular dining companions, Al and Elle - the destination, Eleonore's Restaurant at Chateau Yering.

On Sunday, a limited option menu is available at lunch.

Our starters:

Roasted Yarra Valley Quail, foie gras farce, truffled linguini, sauce périgord
No need to guess, this was my choice.

Ballotine of King Salmon, Yarra Valley Salmon Roe, Cucumber and Coconut Jelly

Elle's choice is well worth two photos. The layered cucumber and coconut jelly sits at the front, topped with local salmon roe.

Tataki of Wagyu, wasabi Panna Cotta, crisp sushi, black bean vinaigrette, beer air

Both Al and Paalo went for dish - just like I find it hard to go past the quail, Paalo finds it impossible to forgo the tataki.

For mains:

Beef fillet, boulangerie potatoes, spinach, forest mushrooms, bearnaise sauce
Al and I couldn't resist the call of this dish.

Butter poached Glenloth Chicken, truffled bread and butter pudding, sautéed asparagus and morels

Elle and Paalo both opted for this dish. The strip wedged between chicken and pudding is pressed chicken skin - roasted until crisp, it's deliciously evil.

For a side we went for the Gratin Dauphinois Potatoes - a touch of truffle present in these.

For desserts:

Coconut Tapioca Semi Fredo, seasonal tropical fruit salad, coconut macaroon, passionfruit ice-cream truffle, mango sorbet

Paalo's choice just speaks of summer - wonderful fresh flavours

Broken Lemon Cake, mandarin bruleé, lemon sherbet

Elle's choice is quite light and refreshing. A touch of whimsy in the swiss cheese like white chocolate slices.

Milk Chocolate and Peppermint Delice, choc-mint aero, pistachio financier, dark chocolate ganache, pistachio ice cream

With a heavy pistachio presence this was always going to be my choice. There are just so many components, differing tastes and textures that it is a sheer joy to eat.

We must say that the desserts have been particularly impressive - a great sense of style and balance is showing. They certainly work to compliment the savoury dishes but also work as a statement of their own.

The details:

Eleonore's Restaurant at Chateau Yering
42 Melba Highway, Yering
Phone: +61 3 9237 3333

Dinner - every evening from 6.30pm
Lunch - Saturday and Sunday from 12pm - 3pm

Eleonore's Restaurant


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