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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lunch @ Fifteen

As we're staying at the Adelphi Hotel for a few days we've taken the opportunity to explore a couple of new places, one of which is Fifteen.

fifteen© by Haalo

Although Fifteen has been opened for about 3 years, this is our first visit.

fifteen© by Haalo

There's a good view of the action in the kitchen from this room - there's another dining area to the right. The menu is divided into six sections: Antipasti, Primi, Secondi, Contorni, Dolci and Formaggi.

We begin with three Antipasti dishes:

fifteen© by Haalo
Grilled bruschetta of first season heirloom tomatoes, basil and Giorgio's burrata

A classic combination of flavours, it's good to see burrata is starting to find its way on menus

fifteen© by Haalo
Plate of duck braesola with purple figs, honey, watercress and Fifteen's olive oil

fifteen© by Haalo
Tasmanian ocean trout pastrami crudo, 'gardinera' vegetables and celery cress

For mains:

fifteen© by Haalo
Potato gnocchi with smoked Skipton eel, parsley, new season brussels sprouts and Fifteen's olive oil

The smoked eel really comes through but the parsley helps to bring it back into check - while the gnocchi are tender they are on the rather large size.

fifteen© by Haalo
Ravioli 'al Sole' (Mangalli Creek's bio-dynamic ricotta and egg yolk) in a truffled butter broth with shaved mature pecorino

The signature pasta dish for Fifteen - the ravioli were very good except for a few places where the seam between the two layers was a little thick resulting in slightly undercooked pasta. They are difficult as you can't cook them too long as the yolk would harden.

for a side we choose:

fifteen© by Haalo
Green beans, back bacon and herb butter

fifteen© by Haalo

For dessert - we decided on the Dessert Tasting Plate

fifteen© by Haalo

Poached yellow peaches with vanilla panna cotta and frosted almonds; Frozen sauternes zabaglione with homemade chocolate paste and biscotti

fifteen© by Haalo

Cane sugar grilled apricots with smashed amaretto biscuits and vanilla ice-cream; White chocolate cheesecake tart with raspberry semi-freddo

fifteen© by Haalo

A look into the kitchen

fifteen© by Haalo

and the curved bar

fifteen© by Haalo

and the lovely private dining room.

The details:

Basement, 115-117 Collins Street
(Enter through George Parade)

Reservations: 1300 799 415

Monday to Saturday: 12PM to late


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