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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Lunch @ Il Bacaro

We're in the city to do that chore that Paalo hates most - going shopping for his clothes. Thankfully, for him, it doesn't take too long to accomplish the task.

To celebrate, we return to Il Bacaro for lunch. To drink we've selected the 2005 Campagnola Valpolicella Ripasso "Le Bine".

For starters:

Il Bacaro© by Haalo
Thistle Quadretti with Wagyu Beef Cheek ragu and baby carrots

A big statement from Paalo - "this is the best pasta I've had in Australia and is better than some pasta I've had in Italy"

Having had a chance to taste it, Paalo reluctantly allowing me to sample, I can understand his opinion. It was a combination of taste and texture that created a sublime marriage. As Paalo said, the only way to improve it was to have more!

Il Bacaro© by Haalo

Venison Carpaccio with white anchovies, polenta grissini, artichoke puree & baby capers

The venison was extremely tender, presented in ultra thin slices. Almost paté like in consistency. The spikes of flavour from the anchovies and capers were smoothed and enveloped by the artichoke puree. A gorgeous dish.

For mains:

Il Bacaro© by Haalo
Sous vide Veal, cinnamon spiced, with beetroot & turnips, roasted kipfler potatoes and beetroot jus

This was one of the specials of the day - the veal had to be some of the most tender we've tasted. As Paalo noted, it would be hard to top the first course but this was at that same level.

Il Bacaro© by Haalo

Cres tasa di Polenta, porcini, chanterelles and burrata

The pasta is cut in triangular shapes and polenta is used to make the dough. It has an usual texture, almost slippery but it's utterly delicious. The sauce was profound in its simplicity - various mushrooms and burrata, the flavours allowed to express themselves beautifully.

For dessert:

Il Bacaro© by Haalo

Hazelnut semifreddo, hazelnut aero and cherry sorbet

If there is hazelnut on the menu, more than likey I will order it. In the bowl we have cherry sorbet served with a few amarena cherries, next are the hazelnut aero discs - just like aero chocolate this is aerated and full of bubbles. Finally the slice of hazelnut semifreddo - creamy and chock full of roasted hazelnuts - bliss.

Il Bacaro© by Haalo

Poached pear cheesecake, nocello reduction, creme fraiche walnut icecream

The cheesecake is actually inside the hollowed out poached pear.

To drink with dessert: La Caudrina Moscato D'asti

The details:

Il Bàcaro
168 Little Collins Street, Melbourne

Phone: 9654 6778

Monday-Saturday: Noon - 3pm
Monday-Thursday: 6pm - 10.30pm
Friday-Saturday: 6pm - 11pm



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