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Friday, January 29, 2010

Dinner @ Matteo's

Ding dong the witches are dead or at least sulking in the corner - We're off to celebrate some very good news for Elle and that means degustation at Matteo's.

Once again the menu is a little different from normal and there will be six individual courses beginning with this

Matteo's© by Haalo
To Drink: Billiecart Salmon Rose

This scotch egg has been surrounded in a mix of mushrooms rather than meat and the next shot surely is the money shot

Matteo's© by Haalo

None of us could resist this - perfection!

Matteo's© by Haalo

To drink: 2008 Palacio del Fefinanes Albarino

I don't mean it in a bad way at all but it is so pretty that it looks like one of those plastic example meals you see in the restaurants in Japan - especially that faux watermelon at the front. It is actually hairy melon with a coating of spicy cod roe.

Matteo's© by Haalo

Lots of really interesting ideas here - loved the texture of the cracked wheat added to the salmon tartare - the coddled egg yolk is just a egg yolk that has been frozen and then defrosted, it's so creamy and gooey, it is delightful and something I'll have to try at home.

Matteo's© by Haalo

To drink: 2007 Casa Zuliana Pinot Grigio

Crisp, clean flavours with a bit of bite well matched to the snapper.

Matteo's© by Haalo

To drink: 2007 De Bortoli Pinot Noir

This is the suckling pig for which other suckling pigs will now be judged. I think the crackling sent all of our eyes rolling to the back of our heads. Juicy tender flesh without being overly fatty.

Matteo's© by Haalo

To Drink: 2006 Red Edge Tempranillo Monastrell

This is a rich dish, especially that crumbed ball of duck liver parfait. Tea smoked duck breast had just enough smoked flavours to enhance but not overpower the duck breast.

Matteo's© by Haalo

A better view of the wagyu beef bresaola wrapped terrine of confit duck leg.

For dessert:

Matteo's© by Haalo

To drink: 2007 Gandia Moscatel Fusta Nova

Zing - that's the first impression, that cleansing hit of lime. It's certainly an adult version of the old favourite Splice.

Matteo's© by Haalo

You'll call this Peach Melba 2010 - the flavours are soft and warming.

The details:

Matteo's Restaurant
533 Brunswick Street
Fitzroy North

9481 1177

Monday-Friday: 12pm to 3pm
Sunday: 12pm to 3pm

Monday-Sunday: 6pm to 10pm

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