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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lunch @ Caffe e Cucina

We continue our Australia Day feasting with something Italian and a visit to Caffe e Cucina. It's sad to say that we've never been here before - many reasons, either it was too full or no parking or there's somewhere else to go.

The space has a nice feel - that Italian feel, cramped and dark and somewhat cluttered, an eclectic mix of decoration but somehow when you put it all together it feels like home.

For starters:

Caffe e Cucina© by Haalo

Well put together - tender beef, served with wafer thin slices of radish and rocket leaves to provide a spicy note against the "sweet" beef.

Caffe e Cucina© by Haalo

A revelation on the antipasto plate was the Parmigiano Ice cream - more please! Excellent eggplant puree still lovely and warm, roasted red peppers and good quality selection of cured meats.

For Mains:

Caffe e Cucina© by Haalo

The waiter does issue a warning that there can be small bones in this - understandable with rabbit and having cooked with it I know how difficult it can be to find all those bones.

Caffe e Cucina© by Haalo

Full of mushroom flavours but lacking a little in the creaminess factor.

The details:

Caffe E Cucina
581 Chapel Street
South Yarra

9827 4139

Weekdays - 7am to 11pm
Saturday - 8am to 11pm
Sunday - 9am to 11pm

Caffé e Cucina on Urbanspoon


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