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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Pranzo - Caffè Umberto

We've already visited its sister restaurant Enoclub a couple of times, today we're staying above ground and lunching at Caffe Umberto.

It's quite a stylish space - long and lean - solid white marble tables with white leather placemats - and at the end, a glass walled cellar.

The menu doesn't follow the strict antipasto-pasta-secondi categorisation - they aim to be more like a bistro.

We decide to begin with:

Prosciutto Crudo di Parma S.Ilario e Fichi

Freshly sliced, it can't be beat - the meat so sweet and highly perfumed.

Carne Cruda di Vitello Fassone

The meat had an almost fluffy texture, really light and exceptionally lean - flavoured simple with a little olive oil.

For mains:

Hamburger di Manzo e Foie Gras con patate chips

An utter indulgence - the hamburger was almost rare inside - almost like a seared version of the carne cruda. A generously thick slice of foie gras sits atop sweet caramelised onions. The potato chips were also made to order - served with a light dusting of smoky paprika.

Gnocchi con Sugo di Salsiccia di Bra e Porcini

I went for a more modest selection - potato gnocchi with a sauce made from bra sausage and porcini. The bra sausage is quite famous - made entirely of beef, it can be eaten raw and has quite a dense structure. The gnocchi were excellent - lovely light pillows of potato, the sauce silky, finished with butter.

For dessert:

Tortino di Ricotta al Miele d'Acacia

A light and lovely ricotta and berry tart finished with acacia honey.

Mousse di Yoghurt con Frutta Mista

May not look very attractive but it certainly tasted very good - the yoghurt mousse was surprisingly good, a subtle tang, yet light and fluffy. Underneath and excellent fruit salad - a mix of stone fruits and berries.

The details

Caffe Umberto
Piazza Savona, 4

+39 0173 33994

Closed: Monday



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