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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Pranzo - Circolo del Vecchio Gusto

We're still discovering new places to eat in Alba and today we're lunching at Circolo del Vecchio Gusto.

It's a nondescript type of place that I think we've walked past a couple of times before realising it was actually a restaurant. Inside there's a small dining/bar area and during the work week they offer a set price "workers" menu. There are various options to be had but we've gone for the full antipasto-pasta-secondo-dolce.

We begin with a mix of their antipasto choices

Antipasto Misto
Melanzana con Pomodoro - Lingua & Salsa Verde - Vitello Tonnato - Insalata Russa - Frittata - Uova Stuffato

All very tasty - lovely and fresh.

There are two choices of pasta but we choose this:

Orecchiette al Pomodoro

Love, love love this tomato sugo, enriched with a little butter, it's alive with rich, ripe tomato flavour.

There's also a couple of choices for secondi -

Pollo & Salsicce al ferri

I've chosen chicken and two types of sausages cooked on the grill - chicken was lovely and moist, flavoured with rosemary and garlic, both sausages were excellent.


Paalo's gone for the saltimbocca - the sage flavour on this is intoxicating - meat is tender, really lovely.

Even for dolce there are a few options but we choose


Chocolate and Vanilla Panna Cotta

The amazing part is that this workers lunch only cost around E12 a head - you can't even buy a roll in some over-hyped lunch spots back in melbourne for the same price - and we also got wine and coffee! The quality and care is all there and for the price, keeping in mind we've gone for the most expensive option, it can't be beat.

The details:

Circolo del Vecchio Gusto
Via Gioberti 10

+39 3930071050



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