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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Aperitivo - Bistrot dei Sognatori #2

A short walk are we're onto round 2

Looks okay but falls short - it's the variable consistency that lets it down. It's a bit of a lottery - you can get a brilliant one but it seems to depend on who makes it. The food though is always excellent

Chard frittata, roast pork and a tomato salad

While we lingered here, Paalo decided to break the negroni streak with an unusal Italian beer.

Birra Theresian from Trieste. Now depending on the which century you're in, Trieste may not actually be part of Italy. In fact in 1766 when the company was formed, Trieste was part of the Austrian empire which pretty much explains why they started a brewery.

This is the Premium Pils - 5% alcohol, low fermented with Barley (Orzo) and matured for at least 2 months.

The details:

Bistrot dei Sognatori
Piazza San Giovanni

Closed: Wednesday


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