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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Flight: QR 33 Doha to Milan Malpensa

There aren't any pictures of our flight from Doha to Milan - the plane isn't quite as spacious, the seat isn't very well designed but as the flight only takes a little over 6 hours, it's okay.

We're offered another breakfast which wasn't particularly good but we both manage to have a little snooze after it. A couple of hours out from Milan we're offered lunch which isn't too bad.

We're pretty much first off when we land and have a dream run through immigration - they barely even want to look at Paalo's English passport and in my case, the only delay is finding a page to place the stamp.

From here it's a short walk to the baggage area and we wait less than 10 minutes for our bags. From this area you could take one exit that leads you to the train that will take you to Milan but as we have a driver waiting for us, we have to go through customs.

There are three paths marked on the floor and we figure out we just need to follow the nothing to declare line. Surprisingly, we basically take a few steps and waltz out the sliding doors to find we out in the airport proper. I'm scratching my head to understand why people don't like Malpensa airport - it's been a breeze. We quickly scan the waiting hordes and find our driver dutifully holding his sign. It's then out the door and across the street and we're ready to go.

This has got to be the easiest and quickest exit we've ever had from any airport.

The drive from Malpensa to Alba is without any issues - we get to relax in a lovely Mercedes and cruise the highways topping 160 clicks - it doesn't even feel that fast and in just over an hour and a half we're at our destination.


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