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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Dinner @Cafe Vue at Melbourne Airport

We're off to Italy again and this time we're leaving straight from Melbourne rather than having to start our trip via Sydney. One of the benefits is that we finally get to see the "new" Melbourne International Terminal and visit Cafe Vue.

It's located diagonally opposite Movida's Bar Pulpo and neither place is what I'd call remotely busy.

Actually I'm kind of surprised just how quiet the whole place is.

The menu here is designed with speed in mind - you order and pay at the counter - unlike the fast food outlets they do bring your food out to your table.

To drink, we choose something with an Italian feel

To eat:

I've chosen "The Melbourne Club Sandwich" and as you should expect, it isn't your regular club sandwich.

From left to right - chicken and mayo - tomato and grilled bacon - pressed ham hock and cheese. I found the ham hock rather bland while the center mix of tomato and bacon verged on the dull. Surprisingly, the chicken and mayo, turned out to be exceptionally tasty and I'll be the first to admit that it's usually the type of combination I'd go out of my way to avoid.

Paalo chose the "Blackmore (180gm) Wagyu beef burger, bacon and house fries" - excellent crisp fries and a pretty decent burger.

To finish off we order coffee and it was delivered to our table by an waiter who apologised that the coffee was "the hot side"

What he should have said is that it was forged in the fires of Mount Doom - how appropriate that they were presented in fiery red cauldrons. Paalo bravely took a sip and nearly burnt his tongue off - totally not acceptable.

With less than 10 people in the whole Cafe, you can't say the staff was under pressure and to compound this, they realise that the coffee isn't right and they still decide to serve it. I really do not understand that logic. Not only was it too hot, it was badly made, the coffee was burnt, it should have been thrown away.

Paalo ended up returning the coffee to the kitchen and eventually two new coffees did arrive with apologies. The replacements, while slightly cooler, weren't particularly well made. A rather disappointing end to the meal.

The details
Cafe Vue
Melbourne International Airport - Airside Terminal Two

Phone: +61 3 9310 5091

7 days a week 5.30am - 11pm
365 days a year



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