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Friday, September 07, 2012

Bistrot dei Sognatori

It was probably a combination of an excellent lunch, a bottle of wine and jetlag that caused us to drift off to sleep in the afternoon. When we awoke in the early evening, we found a message from Mario and arranged to catch up for a drink at Bistrot dei Sognatori.

This is a sister venue of Osteria dei Sognatori - it's primarily a wine bar with limited food - the food is ferried across the road from the Osteria's kitchen.

It's a warm evening, we're in Italy so why not indulge in that classic cocktail, Negroni.

After a couple of these we started to feel a little peckish - on offer today was tajarin with ragu or pesto. Ragu won the day and we were soon rewarded with an astoundingly good plate of pasta

This really is the type of ragu my mother makes - you can tell it's been cooking for a long time, there's the right amount of seasoning and the pasta is cooked correctly. It's dishes like this that make you acutely aware of just how substandard Italian food is in Australia - it really should be called fauxtalian.

Now I could have a good rant here but I won't, another negroni will suffice.

The details:

Bistrot dei Sognatori
Piazza San Giovanni

Closed: Wednesday


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