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Monday, September 10, 2012

Pranzo - Osteria dei Sognatori

We've been spending enough time at the Bistro it's about time we sample the delights of the Osteria.

The dining area runs along the front of the building and consists of three interconnecting rooms.

As we discovered last year, there is no menu here. You are initially asked if you'd like antipasto and for us, that is an instant yes.

To drink, we've gone for a mezzo di Prosecco, since it is quite a summery day.

An excellent basket of bread is brought to the table and soon enough the antipasto dishes start to arrive.

A fabulous carne cruda - the accompanying leaves have the feel as if they just been plucked from the garden, so fresh and crisp. The meat is simply seasoned by beautifully soft.

Giardiniera - a stew of peppers, capsicum, pea, tomato and onions - slow cooked to bring out the richness of the tomatoes. This is something that you just want to have more of.

Sardines in bagnet verd - a parsley based sauce it's a perfect match to those sardines.

Yes the presence of a tomato sauce is a bit strange, however the local sausage and butter cabbage are excellent

There were three choices for pasta and we selected

Pasta in Forno - a close relative of lasagne. The pasta was soft, the sauce rich - unbelievably good.

Agnolotti del Plin in a sage butter sauce - all the pasta is made in house and it shows.

At this stage we really didn't need the secondo but they sounded too good.

This is the Milanese - which is crumbed veal escalopes

and Paalo had the Brasato di Maiale which is Braised Pork - meltingly soft caramelised onions enriching the braising juices.

The Osteria is a place we've been looking forward to revisiting and it hasn't let us down, in fact it's every bit as good and even more than we remember.


Osteria dei Sognatori
Via Macrino, 8

+39 0173 34043 ‎

Open for Lunch and Dinner
Closed: Wednesday


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