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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pranzo - Antico Caffe Calissano

Going out for Sunday lunch is a bit of traditional family thing in Italy and as we like to follow the habits of the locals we're off for a long lunch (and not a negroni) at the Antico Caffé Calissano.

This place has a really beautiful front room which houses the bar and a small dining area - out the back are two larger dining rooms. My little snap really doesn't do the room justice.

We've decided to go the degustation route but with a little addition. Today we saw the first white truffles appear - actually we first noticed a different smell in the city and then we saw them in the shop windows - and there are truffle options available. We've decided to have a little white truffle in our pasta course.

First course:

Rabbit Salad

Second Course:

Carne Cruda

Third Course:

Vitello Tonnato - this has a chunkier tonnato sauce which we both really enjoyed

Fourth Course - here comes the truffles

Tagliatelle burro salvia with white truffles shaved at the table. Simple but oh so sublime.

Fifth course:

Ravioli del Plin with roast meat sauce

Sixth Course:

Brasato al Barolo

Seventh Course:


The details:

Anitco Caffe' Calissano
Piazza Risorgimento 3
12051 Alba


Closed - Monday


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