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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

CDC - Day 1

A bit of drama after checking-in, when the water heater in Curtis and Leigh's apartment fails, repairs are attempted but they prove unsuccessful so they end up moving to another apartment.

We happen to be in the same apartment as two years ago and the view hasn't really changed


though there does seem to be quite a bit of work going on in town.

On our last visit the circular Campanile beside us was under scaffolding but now that is gone and we can enjoy its rather unique appearance.


I'm not one for heights and rather than stick my head out I've just stuck the camera out!

The reason we are here is a specfic one and this is just a little clue


It's most unfortunate but there aren't any photos of our dinner. The room is just too dark for the autofocus to work on any of our cameras, which is a pity as the food was just fabulous.

The place is called Vineria del Vasaio and we have already decided that we will be making another visit to it before we leave.

We left the selection up to our genial host.

To begin we had the carpaccio of swordfish and the "tuna" with cannelini beans

The tuna is really pork but on the plate is looks just looks like shards of canned tuna - the dish is a classic of the Chianti region where it is called "Il tonno di Chianti". I've read about and read the recipes and it's something that I've been interested in but never made, but after eating it, I will certainly be trying this back home.

This was matched to an excellent Umbrian wine, Montefalco Rosso Reserva made from a blend of Sangiovese and Sagrantino.

Our next course was the Cappeletti which was matched with a 100% Sangiovese Nobile di Montepulciano.

Dessert was the amusingly named "not the usual desserts" which consisted of four items

a poached pear in red wine, white chocolate mousse with cinnamon, mascarpone with saffron and a highly indulgence pieces of chocolate fondante.

This was served with a liqueur

With that, our first day is over - it was long but enjoyable and good things should lie ahead.


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