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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Florence - Day 24

You can really feel that the weather has changed and there's an icy chill in the air. You also notice it at the market with the locals and stallholders well rugged up.


As I was having my morning coffee I couldn't help notice this dog, the lead at it's limit, his focus unwavering. Every time the butcher would pick up a slab of meat he would get all excited and try to get even closer, the owner's arm stretched out behind her from the force. What torture for the poor dog!

I can probably hear the thud of people as they faint at the mere thought that dogs are allowed in the market, I should probably not go into greater details of the things I've seen.

In the afternoon I did wander around rather aimlessly, taking a path and just seeing where it headed.

I eventually stopped for lunch at quite a lovely little spot nearby the duomo. It specialises in both Tuscan and Sardinian food as that is where they come from.






This was so good - Tagliata with a mound of fresh porcini, the beef was just perfectly cooked, well browned on the outside, rare on the inside and sliced thickly it was placed on the bottom of the plate and them smothered by the highly aromatic porcini. Just heavenly.

The lunch sustaining me as it was time for another exciting visit to the Laundrette.


Some things never change even on holidays.


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