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Monday, October 29, 2007

Varenna - Day 4


With a peek out of the window this morning our plans for today changed. We had thought of taking the ferry to Como but with the amount of haze it didn't really seem worth it.


So, we're going to hang around and do as little as possible which is fair enough as we are leaving tomorrow and the day after that, we have another long trip ahead of us.


Doing as little as possible unfortunately does involve doing some work related things but this is the type of office we'd both be very happy with spending time in.


We did have a mid-morning stroll for a coffee and took the opportunity to visit inside the Church of San Giorgio



I thought this poster was interesting - you can go collecting mushrooms and if you are a local it will cost you €5 for the license otherwise it's €25. If you knew what you were doing, it's not that much to pay.


For Lunch we went back to Quatro Pass


Our appetiser was a herb and cheese vol-au-vent


Paalo liked my entree so much that he had it this time and I had the Ravioli in a sage burnt butter sauce. They had a delicious cheese and spinach filling.


Paalo's main was the Mixed Grill of Lake Fish - the large fish is the local Laverello.


I had the Veal Escalopes with porcini.

As with our previous meal, the food was excellent and it's a place we'd recommend you visit if you have the chance.

For dinner we ate at the hotel again and being the boring types we ordered the same things.


The starter - asparagus and chardonnay soup


For main - porchetta with a mustard and apple sauce with roasted potatoes.


Paalo managed to also fit in the dessert - a mixed berry gelato.


  1. Hi Haalo

    I've been following your travels with interest and envy. I'm off to Italy for 3 months next May so am salivating as I follow you around, as well as taking notes of where to eat. We won't be going to Como but Maggiore instead, as well as Perugia and of course Florence. Love your amazing phots, the ones of Varenna are absolutely gorgeous. I've been saving them to show in my sidebar as sadly I have Vista at work.
    I log in each morning to see where you are, and was so envious of your attending the SlowFood and Eurochoc! What great experiences!!! Have a fabulous time, enjoy every minute, and thank you so much for taking the time to write and upload so us vicarious travellers can enjoy also!!

    Deb (

  2. Anonymous06:12

    Wow, what a wonderful blog.
    I live in Norway, but I travel to Italy quite often - and of course I blog about it :-)

  3. Hi Deb and thank you so much for those lovely words, I'm happy to know that you've found this of use. 3 months in Italy will just seem to disappear all too quickly but you should have a great time - Maggiore is a beautiful spot, it's hard to go past any of the lakes. You should also find that there's a lot more services running in that time of the year. Perguia is an excellent choice and I hope you do take the opportunity to also visit Assisi and maybe even Orvieto, there's a great restaurant there called L'asino Doro

    Thanks Britt - how lucky to be so close to italy!


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