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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Milan - Day 1

We've arrived in Milan to a light drizzle so when it comes to doing much today it's going to be limited to a revisit of a couple of places. Most importantly today we meet up with our travelling companions, Curtis and Leigh who will be joining us for the next week and a bit. It's great to be able to spend some time with them as we live so far apart.

Our target for today is the Duomo and the Galleria and it's good to see that the top half of the main facade on the Duomo is now uncovered.

As we did last time we go to the Gucci cafe in the Galleria for coffee


even the chocolates have the Gucci emblem


It is still disheartening to see that Mcdonalds is still in one the prime positions inside the Galleria - diagonally opposite Prada!

I skipped taking photos this time as it was a bit too crowded and I've got plenty of photos from my last visit - so for your enjoyment, here's a couple of photos from 2 years ago


This next photo is the wallpaper on my mac



For Dinner, after being advised by the hotel's bartender we went to a place called Pane e Tulipani


We started with the Special Antipasto - a mix of cured meats, carpaccio, calamari salad, marinated anchovies and octupus

Curtis and Leigh opted for the special - Rombo (turbot) with potatoes and artichokes, which when cooked was presented to the table and then portioned



Paalo had the Orecchiette with Vongole and Cozze


I was boring and had the Cotolette Milanese


Paalo also managed this generous serving of Tiramisu.


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