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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Perugia - Day 3

This morning I had a look around the market and found it quite a depressing site. It spans two levels and when at one time it probably housed 50+ stalls each level, less than a dozen remain in quite dismal surrounds. I've tried to find out what happened and there does seem to be a long running issue concerning its renovation and revitalisation with each party having quite firm views. It's probably like most of these things, while people argue about what to do and what not to do, the subject just fades away.

For something a little more pleasant I decided to take a look around the National Gallery. It's a bit odd seeing the originals of things like the Griffin and the Lion and even the Fontana Maggiore sculptures and bronzes in the Gallery and realising that what I've been admiring are fakes. As I continued through the Gallery, it seemed like most of their paintings are from the Churches, so once again I've spent time gazing over fakes. I don't know, I feel a little jipped. I felt the same way over the Orsenmichele in Florence when I found out all the statues are copies, though I must add that I do understand why they have needed to do this.

For lunch I went to a place I spotted on my travels yesterday: Ristorante Alter Ego


Even though there are two flights of stairs down to get into the restaurant due to the slope of the land, it is at ground level.



The roll was caraway seed.


The wine was so good I had two glasses.


Baked Potato stuffed with porcini and truffles and crostini with Lardo di Colonnata. It's a shame you can't smell this dish


This must be the ultimate baked potato!


Oh, and the lardo, sliced ultra thin, it was almost melted with the heat of the grilled bread.


Pasta with Pigeon, Mushroom and Cabbage


Fig tart with Caramel and Mascarpone


In black and white they don't look like they have really changed at all.







And there is my room, just about the one with lights on.


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