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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Florence - Day 13

My plans for today was to catch one of those cute electric mini buses to visit the other market - Mercato di Sant'Ambrogio and then visit the Chiesa di San Croce. Well, not everything went to plan.

To begin as I walked past the Duomo to get to the bus stop I couldn't help but notice the heavy police presence, it wasn't something bad as they were in their dress uniforms so I toddled off to have a look.








I have no idea what the occasion is but it looks like a cardinal was involved.

After this little distraction I was back on my way and found myself at the bust stop where I saw something that I had to look twice to believe. When I first saw it at a distance I was like, naaah, that can't be. But then I was standing right underneath and with my patented look of abject horror on my face I saw this


You're *#(#*@) kidding me!

You can see more clearly what it says here.

There's a freaking shuttle bus from Monday to Friday between 12-2 to carry all those lardarses between their swillpits. You're in Florence, You're in Italy but you need a shuttle bus to take you to McDonalds. My god, you just don't deserve to travel anywhere.

It's things like this that is just killing Italy and the pencil heads that allow it are turning Italy into a freaking Disneyland.

I make no apologies but I just don't understand the mentality that sees you travel to Italy or any other country for that matter and want to eat McDonalds and swim in vats of Starbucks double decafe frappe lattes with cinnamon chilli cream followed by a dunkin donuts chaser. You seriously should never be allowed out of your homes.

Enough of that - onto the travels.

I was soon on the bus and trundling down some narrow narrow roads. I must give thanks for the Florence Bus site, ATAF - you put in your start and end points and it lists all the buses you can take. Without it, it would be a lot harder to work out where all those buses go.

I was dropped off just a block away from the market and found it without much problem.



Outside the market is a combination of fruit and vegetable stands and flea market. Inside the building is where you'll find the butchers, deli's, bakers etc


The one thing that strikes me is that it is relatively free of tourists and would be free if I wasn't there!



0DSCN3050.jpg 0DSCN3057.jpg







After visiting, considering I'm within a stone's throw of the San Lorenzo Market there's not much point in going to Sant'Ambrogio market however, if you had an apartment in that area then it would easily satisfy all your needs. I must admit the lack of obvious tourists is a definite plus.


0DSCN3075.jpg 0DSCN3077.jpg

The Chiesa di Sant'Ambrogio is one of the oldest in Florence, dating from the 10th century it was subjected to renovations in the 14th and 15th centuries.


Overlooking the street corner on this building is a shrine to Sant Amboglio.


While here I noticed a really love dome in the near distance and thinking it was the Church of Santa Croce I headed towards it - on the way passing this park

80DSC_2886.jpg 0DSCN3084.jpg

which turns out to be the Piazza D'Azeglio and on reaching the dome - turns out it's the Tempo Maggoire, The Great Synagogue of Florence.


Such a shame that it's under such tight security but unfortunately, perfectly understandable.


Built between 1874-1882 in Byzantine style, it was designed by Marco Treves. The Jewish Museum is also located without the complex.

At this point I was a bit ummm, lost so I consulted the GPS and saw a street called Borgo del Croce - hmm, that sounds good, I thought. That should get me to the Church!

Well, it didn't get me anywhere near the church and consulting maps back home I went the opposite way to where I wanted to go!

I ended up here - at the Piazza Cesare Beccaria


in the center of which is the Porta Alla Croce


Noticing that my bus stopped here I decided to play it safe and head back home, I'd lost myself enough for a day. I did ogle this cake shop while waiting

80DSC_2895.jpg 80DSC_2896.jpg

All those cakes made me hungry so on the way back I stopped at the market and picked up a delcious panino from Nerbone


filled with their boiled beef and green sauce it certainly hit the spot.


  1. Anonymous15:42

    What a fabulous day and I share your horror at the 'shuttle bus to lardsville!"

    Had to comment, the pic in the market (first one below the butcher) I had to look twice, I thought it was taken at Camberwell Market Deli!! LOL

    Of course, there would be no comparison, but it is nice to know when we can't have the real thing, we have a little slice of something close!


  2. Hi Anon, ah it does look a bit like nick and sues at Camberwell Market, though, yes there is a big difference in the cured meats.


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