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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Florence - Day 29

Just before 12pm, a full 64 hours since he first left home, Paalo has finally arrived back in Florence!


And I was more than happy to give him what he missed most - a meal cooked by me!

There wasn't too much resting involved after lunch, a massive repacking was needed as we only want to carry two bags with us. The rest of our stuff will go into storage where we will pick it up when we return to Florence next month.

A trip to the post office was also needed to send off another 6.5kg of magazines and books I seem to have gathered in the last month.

For dinner, I took Paalo to Pepo's where we enjoyed a lovely 2003 Chianti Rufino Riserva


To start we chose the Piatto Ricco, which was an assortment for two of the various antipasto offerings


Paalo then had the Grilled Controfileto (Sirloin)


and I had the Porchetta which was unbelievably tender



  1. I am thinking of making a trip over next month. I was wondering if you could give me some idea as to how cold it's been there lately?

    The pictures look lovely and am excited to see where you'll go next! Sounds like an amazing trip. You must have been planning this for such a long time!

  2. Hi Truffle - it hasn't really been cold at all, the coolest day it was probably around 13°C but the more north you go the more cooler it will be. There has been a few days of rain but other than that it's been quite sunny. I found it doesn't really get cold until the end of November where in some places up north you'll get snow. November is a good month as the tourist crowds are way down or they were the last time we were here. Hope you manage to come over!


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