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Monday, October 24, 2005

Boat - Genoa to Barcelona

It's a relief to finally be boarding.

Rather than doing more sightseeing I decided to head to the dock earlier with the plan to dump off my bags, have a nice dinner and relax before boarding.

Well, my plans went slightly awry. Good Italian planning sees that the left luggage room is located in the buildings basement which can only be accessed by a couple of flights of stairs and I'm just too tired to cart these bags down and then back up.

Dinner too was derailed where for some odd reason the waitress just wouldn't take my order - I just gave up and went to another place and had a rather basic but tasty slice of pizza margherita.

Eventually the god's feel sorry for me and I can finally board.

There's quite a walk from the terminal to the boat - it doesn't help that construction is going on - it pays to keep an eye out for large trucks.

When I finally reach the boat, it's quite the reception. A porter takes my luggage and he leads me to the reception area - I wait here while my passport is taken to be photocopied and then I'm lead off by another porter that takes me up to level 5. Here I'm palmed off to another porter who takes me to my room - it's quite the walk as I basically am on the pointy end of the ship.

After settling in and while I wait for the rest of the ship to board I wile away some time by taking photos from my window







Once we start moving I do a bit of exploring and eventually settle in one of the lounges for a drink or so I hope.


I continue my run of bad service - this is the photo of the lounge crew totally ignoring me. I do eventually get served but only after there is a shift change.


I am amused that the glass is plastic!


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