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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Train: Budapest - Vienna

I have promised some photos of the apartment so here they are




This is the internal courtyard taken from my floor and

from ground level

This is the staircase of the building that shares the entry portico and an iron light fitting in that area

and the original floor

Although the building has seen better days, there's still a lot of pride in getting things as nice as they can. The apartment itself can't be faulted and I'll be back for sure. There's so many things I haven't seen and I must admit I have fallen in love with this city. It has some kind of x-factor.

After bidding my host farewell I head downstairs to find that the taxi is waiting - it's certainly arrived on time if not earlier than booked. It's a quick drive to Keleti station and I manage to get a snap of the front of the station

Though the photos fairly poor, it is taken with the cameraphone as I waited at the lights - I think you can get an idea of it's grandness.

When we pull up to the station, the driver even takes my bags and places them on the footpath for me - there's a lot of negative things written about the taxi drivers in Budapest, but I can honestly say that they provided an excellent service.


I know I've said it before but I love this style of station - there's such a sense of history in their design, it's classic and timelessly elegant.




While I'm in the Ticket/Information area I encounter one of those "rude Americans" - probably brought here due to the Amazing Race (waves my fist at the amazing race). He's at the counter and speaks like the woman serving him is a retard. With over exaggerated pronunciations and speaking so slowly he wants to know what platform the Wien (and in his case, Whine) train will depart from. The women believes it to be platform 8. He then goes "so when do you think you'll know?" Arsehole. If the lazy so and so had bothered to check the poster on the wall behind him, he would see that the platform number is listed there.

The train pulls in before 9am and I board - it's another one of those six seat boot type trains.
and once again I have it to myself - well, I'm lucky that the surfer dudes thought that "nicht reserviert" meant that it was reserved.

During the trip the phone rings, I hadn't expected a call from home but situations can change. To my surprise it's the hostess from the B&B in Vienna letting me know that she won't be at the house but that her husband will be. That's nice. There's also another passport check at the border and I end up with another two stamps in the passport!


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